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Shanesha Taylor also known as “hot car mom”, is due back in court after charges haves be refiled against her for allegedly spending a portion of the court mandated trust fund money. reports:

After she was arrested, her tearful mugshot leaked online. Her story and mugshot tugged at the heartstrings of netizens everywhere. One of those netizens was Amanda Bishop. Bishop created a page on fundraising site to help what she saw as a homeless single mother who loved her children and was trying to do what was best with the resources she had. Donations piled in quickly, and eventually the fund was over $100,000.

The courts took that fund into consideration, and Taylor struck a deal with the county attorney’s office. Two class-three felony child abuse charges would be dropped if Taylor performed a checklist of tasks. Prime in that list was that use $60,000 of that money to set up a trust fund for her children’s education and child-care expenses. She also had to attend parenting classes. If she didn’t do those, the charges would be reinstated. On Monday, Taylor could not prove to the courts that she had set up that fund. She reportedly told the court that she could set up $35,000 in that fund, and claimed that because of the publicity surrounding her case, she was having trouble finding a job. According to Taylor’s attorney, Benjamin Taylor (no relation):

“My client still wants to fund the trust fund,” he said. “It’s just a matter of being able to still survive — and still live off of these trust funds — and still get a job in the future.”

Amanda Bishop has told reporters that she received several job offers for Taylor during the fundraising period. She stated that she forwarded those to Taylor’s attention, but doesn’t know what became of them after they left her control.

A followup hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday, where Taylor has been ordered to present bank statements and account for the money that came from the donation fund. Taylor’s trial date has been set for December 10. If she is convicted on the two child abuse charges, in addition to having the felonies on her record, she faces up to 18 months in jail.

Do you empathize with Shanesha or did she bring this on herself?

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(Photo Source: Fox 10 Phoenix)