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Horoscopes for the week of September 15th

“Airplanes are awesome…except for when they’re not!”

I love traveling. Even when I don’t feel like packing, or sitting on a plane for long hours, or breathing through turbulence, there’s something magical about the day of travel that puts me at ease. In fact, this is how I experience travel in general; I tend to feel more comfortable in my own skin when visiting a foreign land, learning about a different culture and meeting strangers along the way. This is when I’m at my best.

The sign of Sagittarius is very much associated with foreign travel. Not just in the sense of exploration and adventure, but also in terms of intellectual expansion that allows us to broaden our knowledge on a worldly level. At their core, Sagittarians are concerned with the ultimate truth. In fact, this is why its symbol is the Archer; Sagittarius aims at the heart of a matter with precision, traveling far and wide both physically and mentally to discover what is really true.

Currently, warrior planet Mars is transiting the sign of the Archer through October 26th. Mars is an ambitious energy that is action oriented, so while visiting Sagittarius, we can expect to be more assertive in living our own truth. In the process we might just catch a glimpse of what brings inner comfort and awareness of how to be our best selves, and if you’re willing to acknowledge that truth, Mars will ensure that you apply it to your life accordingly.

Check your horoscope to see what’s in store, and don’t forget to read for your Ascendant sign too.

On the day you were born, all of the planets were positioned in the signs of the Zodiac – not just the Sun. To find out more about your full astrological make up, email Tracey for a personal Astrology reading at

Aries: Wanderlust is soon to set in, Aries. Many of you will be itching for travel far and wide, or at the very least, to get out of the house! Your ruling planet Mars is currently transiting the sign of your fiery bro, Sagittarius. This means you’ll want some freedom to stretch and step outside of the proverbial box. I don’t doubt that you’ll be able to explore new terrain as you see fit. Just try not to be so aggressive as you embark on your journey, and keep a long leash for when it’s time to go back. Mini Astrology Readings can be scheduled NOW! Visit for details.

Taurus: By now, you should be starting to get the gist of what it means to “partner,” Taurus. You’ve been struggling on the relationship front for quite some time (in business and in pleasure), but I suspect that you have finally learned how to surrender. As a result, you may begin to notice that important bonds are deepening, and over the next six weeks, you’ll be able to cement at least one major merger like a joint project or marriage proposal. Try a little trust and vulnerability this time. Mini Astrology Readings can be scheduled NOW! Visit for details.

Gemini: Partnerships of all kinds will soon become a primary focus over the next six weeks, Gemini. If wanting to form a business merger, now would be the time to go through your contacts. If looking to do new activities with your significant other, the world is currently your oyster! If single, be prepared for a few new admirers. The ball is in your court when it comes to mating, dating and asserting yourself in the spirit of entrepreneurship. Be sure and keep your options to a minimum. Mini Astrology Readings can be scheduled NOW! Visit for details.

Cancer: Over the next six weeks, your daily life will go from 0 to 180! Responsibilities are set to increase, and you’ll have the energy to get it all done. I should advise you, however, to pace yourself. While it will be exciting to be productive, feeling as if life is finally working in your favor, you are equally susceptible to burn out. In other words, don’t go overboard with the to do lists – you’re not a machine. In fact, finding a good rhythm could produce a ripple effect in other areas of your life. Mini Astrology Readings can be scheduled NOW! Visit for details.

Leo: There is fertile energy available to you Leo. No matter how you take advantage of Mars’ transit through fellow fire mate Sagittarius, you stand to benefit. Pregnancy is possible for you Lions at this time, but if you’re not giving birth to a physical child, a creative brainchild could be the result of your labors. Romance, fun and recreational activities are also highlighted, and as the planet Jupiter transits your sign, the good times won’t get any better than this! It’s time to return to innocence. Mini Astrology Readings can be scheduled NOW! Visit for details.

Virgo: Domestic bliss will be your primary concern as Mars moves through the sign of Sagittarius. You may prefer to focus on other things Virgo, but your kin and personal sanctuary require your immediate attention. Some of you may be spending your days with relatives, while others may be jumping ship and relocating. A renovation project could be underway too, or you may simply be identifying new ways to nurture your emotional well-being. Home really is where your heart is now. Mini Astrology Readings can be scheduled NOW! Visit for details.

Libra: “Little Chatty Cathy” is your nickname going forward, while Mars transits the sign of Sagittarius. Many Libras will be spending a significant chunk of time interacting with others, i.e., siblings, classmates, neighbors and etc. If you want to take a short trip, do it. If you’re looking to enroll in a new course, do it. Learning and local stimulation will be what gives you energy, so you’d be wise to take advantage. However, in the process, try not to go to extremes. Balance is essential. Mini Astrology Readings can be scheduled NOW! Visit for details.

Scorpio: Money. That’s what’s on your mind these days, Scorpio. Some of you may be looking for additional sources of income, while others may be in the process of marketing personal skills and talents. Mars in Sagittarius turns your attention to possessions and values. However, since Mars is the co-ruler of your sign, I would advise you not to go to extremes to prove yourself worthy. This isn’t a competition, and besides, you’ve got this. Don’t be afraid to showcase what you have to offer. Mini Astrology Readings can be scheduled NOW! Visit for details.

Sagittarius: To have Mars in your sign, Sagittarius, is not such a bad thing! Mars is the planet of assertion and accomplishment, which means you will have several opportunities to go for gold over the next six weeks. Martian energy begs the need to willfully pursue all that you desire, and for you dear Archer, this means personal goals and initiatives. Your enthusiasm might even surprise you, which is wonderful! However, don’t puff out your chest too much–even superheroes need their rest. Mini Astrology Readings can be scheduled NOW! Visit for details.

Capricorn: You’re not one to pay much attention to the subtleties of life, Capricorn. Yours is a sign that operates most in black or white – gray areas leave too much room for uncertainty. I realize your preference for concrete routines, solutions and strategies. But in the process of making sure that everything is working in an orderly fashion, you miss out on some of the finer details that come to you as intuitive insights. Might I suggest you try trusting those insights over the coming weeks? Mini Astrology Readings can be scheduled NOW! Visit for details.

Aquarius: You finally get a break, Aquarius, one that allows you to focus more on social gatherings, group dynamics and wishful thinking. If you’ve got an idea that you want to launch, there’s no time like the present! This is especially true because of all the people you have surrounding you who want to offer their support and allegiance. With that being said, go mingle and reconnect with those like-minded folks who fulfill you and remind you of your purpose. It’s time, and you’ve been missed. Mini Astrology Readings can be scheduled NOW! Visit for details.

Pisces: Work matters are about to pick up, Pisces, so brace for the activity and be sure to find your pace. Projects at the office could fill your days, adding new tasks and responsibilities when it comes to any and all practical affairs. Don’t be surprised if you experience tension as a result – the hectic energy that comes courtesy of Mars will force a few personal adjustments that you may grow to resent. But it is what it is dear Fish, and you are most equipped to handle what comes your way. Mini Astrology Readings can be scheduled NOW! Visit for details.

Tracey L. Rogers is an Astrologer in the Washington, DC metro area. With over a decade of experience, Tracey brings clarity and insight to your full astrological make up, explaining how astronomical activity above affects us down below. Tracey’s readings are insightful, presenting vital information that leads to self-awareness. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. For more information on services, visit