Forney, Texas police have apologized to a distraught mother after they accidentally pulled her over, handcuffed and arrested her in front of her four children.

Kametra Barbour was traveling with her children and godchildren, ages 6, 8, 9, and 10, when she was forced out of the car with her hands up, according to dash cam footage.

According to law enforcement, a person called 911 to report a person recklessly driving a “beige or tan-colored Toyota” carrying four Black males, while waving a gun.

Barbour was driving a burgundy Nissan Maxima.

Once police realized that it was the wrong vehicle, they called for an “immediate deescalation of the situation.”

But Barbour’s 6-year-old son, already seeing the gun pointed at his mother, exited the vehicle with his hands up.

Once they realized that the boy was young, the officer says ” Gun down, gun down,” and tells him to walk over to him.

The officer immediately attempted to sooth the child by patting him on the head, but the children in the car are screaming, terrified of going to jail.

See the shocking video below:

Barbour is still shaken by the situation, but believes that her children learned “a valuable lesson.”

“We went from having a good old time shopping in the store and enjoying each other … to this horrible interactions (sic) with the police,” she wrote on Facebook. She hopes her children learned that “your life can change in a matter of seconds.”

“You must not be bitter or angry just try to stay calm in a situation like this,” she wrote.


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2 thoughts on “Texas Mother, Children ‘Mistakenly’ Pulled Over At Gunpoint, 6-Year-Boy Exits With His Hands Up [VIDEO]

  1. OMG–thank God this incident ended on a positive note instead of a MURDER!!!!—

    So sad, that even our small little children now know to assume the position with their “hands in the air” when confronted by PIGS!!!

    These bogus policing needs to stop–every Black person is not a criminal–can the PIGS stop and use what little amount of brains they seem to have to resolve these issues!!!!!!!!!!—

    NY, Texas, Missouri, FLA, GA, all states of the Union seem to be infected with the disease of the annilhilation of our

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