Monday’s premiere of “Atlanta Exes” on VH1 was supposed to Torrei Hart’s night. Instead, her shine got partially obscurred when her ex-husband, Kevin Hart, shared news of his proposal to his girlfriend Eniko Parrish on Instagram.

Think Torrei is heated over what could be seen as a calculated move to steal her thunder? No way. In fact, VH1’s newest reality TV star has nothing but good words for Kevin and Eniko.

“I think it is beautiful,” said Torrei, who noted how the proposal gave extra exposure to “Exes.” In short, it was a win-win for all parties involved.

Torrei revealed she has a new man in her life that was by her side when “Atlanta Exes” became a trending topic on Twitter. Unlike Kevin, Torrei stated that her new man, who is also her manager, is someone that rides for her.

Despite her good fortune with her new man, Torrei admits that she still gets emotional when it comes to speaking on Kevin. Especially with her show. Reason being, according to Torrei, Eniko was the one who broke up her marriage to Kevin when she became his mistress.

On top of that, Torrei admitted to dealing with shady family members after her split with Kevin. The ones that messed her over to get on Kevin’s side. Although she was hurt by her relatives’ efforts to get close to Kevin, Torrei stated that she was is grateful in that it enabled her to tap into the power of prayer to pray over the situation. In addition, Torrei said she made a list of names to pray over and later burn in a “bon fire” to release it and give it to God.

While Torrei started her day chatting about Kevin on the radio, the funnyman remained on her mind Monday night. reported that the exes, who were with their respective mates, ran into each other at Magic City, the infamous strip club, in Atlanta hours after Kevin proposed to Eniko.

While Torrei brought her “Atlanta Exes” co-stars to the club after the show premiered, Kevin and Eniko arrived on the scene around midnight. TMZ noted how Kevin and Torrei were seated within each other’s eyesight. Despite this, the former couple did not say a word to one another. Instead, Kevin let his money do the talking as he made it rain at Magic City by dropping $40,000 with his new fiancé.

On the other side, Torrei kept a poker face by sitting impassively with her new man.

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(Photo Source: PR Photos; Video Source: Instagram)

9 thoughts on “Torrei Hart Weighs In On Kevin Hart’s Engagement Status + Video Of Her New Man

  1. She’s not the first lady to be in a situation like this, and she won’t be the last. If Kevin is doing right by his children and also giving you $20,000/ monthly child support you need to move on and get over yourself. I think about the fact that some women receive no child support so I have no pity for her. We all know it doesn’t take $20,000 a month to raise 2 young children so it’s safe to say you”re being taken care of also.

  2. Sharon Jones on said:

    I just think, she should move on (for real). Stop, pretending. As for Kevin, he has NEVER been funny. There is a difference, between STUPIDITY and COMEDY. Kevin, is STUPID! And, now he is rich. But, he forgot about who was with him when he was shorter and broke.

  3. Don’t like this woman. She is rude and ruins the show for me. She is mean spirited to tameka and is constantly digging at her. Frankly speaking her and kevin probably deserved each other.

    • Sharon Jones on said:

      I watched the show. Tameka, isn’t nice. She thinks, that she is still married to Usher (Lol…). NOT! And, I don’t blame Usher. Further, I think that it’s too soon for her to be on TV (due to the death of her son and her divorce). She’s an accident waiting to happen. So is, Torrei.

  4. Congrats to both of them moving on! Torrei prayer is your power, lean on that! Look into the future, 10 years, a couple kids and Kevin’s not so funny and heaven forbid the money dries up! He will pray for your return! Let it go and let God!

  5. seriously on said:

    If I was Hart’s ex, I would not have commented on the whole sordid affair, this side piece needs to recognize that the same way you get them is the same weigh you lose them and more important what they do with you, they will do to you. Considering the situation, Hart could have atleast kept this engagement not a public issue. Only proves he is a ungrateful prick.

  6. You would think that with all that is going on in this world and all the poverty in and around the world that Kevin could have and should have put that 40K to better use than throwing it on some stinky azz strippers. just sayin

    • You’re right. He could of tossed some of that to Ferguson or the folks in Detroit. But he obviously had something to prove in front of his ex. I didn’t realize Kevin was so bitter and spiteful. He’ll be wanting that $40,000 back after this woman leaves him.

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