Michael Strahan may have recently been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but the “Live With Kelly & Michael!” host is receiving attention that is a far cry from his latest sports achievement.

The Daily Mail reports that Strahan may have paid the sister of his ex-wife, Jean Muggli, $30,000 in hush money after he was accused of spying on her. Talk of the alleged spying, which occurred two years before Strahan married Muggli in 1999, surfaced during the couple’s divorce.

“I had found video equipment in my bedroom. He had been taping my sister undressing,” Jean testified in Superior Court. The National Enquirer noted that Muggli told the court that Strahan ‘wired $30,000 to her personal bank account in North Dakota’ after he was discovered spying on her younger sister Denise.

Despite the confession, Muggli didn’t specify to the court what Strahan’s money was used for. As a result, a source has his theory on the purpose of the new income.

‘It’s possible Michael was sending Jean “hush money”, and it’s also possible that the money was intended for her or her sister’, the source told the Enquirer. “But we’ll never know because both sisters have refused to discuss it publicly.”

The divorce chatter resulted in Muggli, who has never spoken about the incident publicly, received $15.3 million in the divorce settlement along with $18,000 a month in child support for their twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella.

“Despite what came out in the divorce, Jean – as is her sister – are very private people,” Muggli told the Enquirer. Neither has done any interviews to discuss the case or Michael.’

In addition to the videotaping, Muggli also accused the former football great of extra-marital affairs and abuse, a claim Strahan has denied.

“When you get divorced, people get upset, angry and say crazy things,’ Strahan told Ebony magazine in a recent interview ‘You have to take it. But it wasn’t easy. It was hard as hell.’

Strahan’s latest dilemma comes in the wake of his induction into the hall of fame as well as the end of his relationship with “Hollywood Exes” star Nicole Murphy earlier this month.

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2 thoughts on “Strahan Allegedly Pays Ex-Wife’s Sister $30K to Keep Quiet

  1. If someone can pay you to keep quiet about something you feel that you were violated over when you can go to the authorities and get justice is the system, that only means you are either lying or it was as bad a you made it out to be.

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