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Listen to Florrisant County dispatch above. Initial reports of Mike Brown’s shooting, comes on in the audio about 11:26. 

Who is behind the shadowy Internet hacker collective AnonymousWe have no idea.

All we know if that they are a loose collective of cyber hackers who sometimes step into volatile situations where hacking might make a difference.  They were involved in the Steubenville rape case, as much of the evidence was disseminated via social media. They started in 2003, and have also been involved in denial of service attacks on government and corporate websites in the hopes of sabotaging or dismantling governments, agencies or corporations that they feel are harmful or oppressive.

A few years ago, several hackers alleged to be their main crew were arrested and charged with various computer crimes, but apparently some new people have taken their place. Calling their campaign #OpFerguson, the “hactivists” are working toward the cause of justice in Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of 18-year-old Mike Brown’s shooting by police this past weekend. Protesters have descended on the small town, and several nights of looting and unrest have followed. Brown was unarmed and an eyewitness says he was shot several times even after his hands were up.

Gawker is reporting Anonymous says they plan to publicly identify the Ferguson, Mo., police officer who shot and killed  Brown over the weekend. They have already released audio that purports to be of the police radio on the night of the day of the shooting.

Ferguson Police Chief Jon Belmar has refused to divulge over fears for the officer’s safety. Belmar has been specifically targed by the group who is alleging some shady goings-on in the department as well as Belmar’s personal life.

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7 thoughts on “Who Is Anonymous – And Why Do They Care About Mike Brown?

  1. carmen on said:

    A radio station employee Mustaffa Hussen was showing Live footage on Lawrence O’Donnell show/MSNBC, horrifying! And later another reporter Traymmaine ? from MSNBC was reporting Live, again horrifying! Where are the elected officials, where is Governor Jay Nixon? I might as well be watching footage on the WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST because that’s exactly what it looks like watching footage in Ferguson MO.

  2. carmen on said:

    Watching live footage on MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell last night was horrifying. I thought I was watching a WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST. Shame on how poorly the police are handling the situation, shame on the elected officials for not coming to the aid of it’s citizens, shame on Governor Jay Nixon for not stepping up to the plate to calm the storm taking place in his State, shame on the citizens of Ferguson for voting the same people back into office or worse, not voting at all, and yes rioting like hoodlums at WAR in the MIDDLE EAST was dumb!

  3. The Ferguson PD are a bunch of COWARDS!!!!

    Why should the cop who killed this young man remained cloaked in anonymity?—
    In addition, why have these POS cops refused to interview several witnesses who know the FACTS regarding this MURDER! I have never heard of this ever. You would think that they would want to know what really went on unless they are busy in the precinct spinning their own tale!!!!!!—The Department of Justice needs to demand that this cops name be released to the public now!!!!!

    • Yes Linda, if the cop that murdered Michael Brown is so innocent or killed him in “Self Denfense”, then why is he hiding??? You’d think that he’d come out, apologize (at least “ACT” like he was remorseful) for the young mans death and let the investigation take it’s course. The reason he’s hiding and the whole police force is covering for him is because something in the wash aint clean!!!

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