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Here we go again. In ‘Things White People Think Of” news, there’s a new app called Sketch Finder. It’s aim: to help people avoid “sketchy” neighborhoods and people. Of course, given all the Black-on-white crime out there (sarcasm intended, it’s far more likely for both Blacks and whites to be maimed and murdered by their own kind) this app is a technology whose time has come.

Just in case you were thinking what we’re thinking – sounds a little “sketchy” to us, creators Allison McGuire and Daniel Herrington are – wait for it – white, but they’re not racist. We know so, because they say so on their blog, which reads: ‘”We’re not racists, sexists, bigots.” Surprisingly though, “Team Sketch Factor” is all-white and one woman with a Spanish last name, so we’re not entirely sure of her ethnic background.) Ummm kay!

As reported by Gawker, the duo were finalists in a New York City contest that funds startups so there are other people who think this is a good idea. McGuire says the app was inspired by her experiences as a dewy-eyed young white woman traversing the streets of Washington, D.C. She didn’t actually say dewy-eyed, but what else could it be? (Her pic actually does look fairy dewy.) They define “sketch” on their blog as “uncomfortable or out of the ordinary” which could mean things like running into groups of Black folks…in Washington, D.C.

McGuire also told Crain’s Business that the app was not created for “young white people.”

“As far as we’re concerned, racial profiling is ‘sketchy’ and we are trying to empower users to report incidents of racism against them and define their own experience of the streets.”

So is it a sketchiness app or a racial profiling app? We’re confused.

There are existing stats for both crime hotspots and stop and frisk encounters, but let’s not let that get in the way of folks making money.)

We are sure, given that there will be people who will argue that avoiding violent neighborhoods is in everyone’s best interest. But we were wondering – what about the people who actually live in those neighborhoods? Where’s their crowdsourcing app to anonymously report the folks causing trouble that they’d like to see gone? 

As far as apps go, we’d actually like to see a new one created “Detecting White Privilege.” One that people can simply put their finger on, like on an iPhone 5 and have it spell out their percentage of white privilege. That seems like something that could use some funding.

If you’re interested, Sketch Factor launches in the Apple App store today.

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8 thoughts on “Avoiding The Hood? There’s an App For That

  1. It’s funny to me whenever black on white crime you’re always so quick to ignore it and immediately cite its much more common blacks kill blacks white kill whites blah blah. Well how about white on black crime? It rarely happens compared to black on white crime and THAT is the point. Blacks need to stop raping white women and robbing white folks cuz white folks aren’t doing any of that crap to blacks. Besides Dylan Roof that’s about all you have. Look up black on white violence and then look up white on black violence and tell me how that goes. Stop bringing up the crap we already know about whites hurting whites and blacks hurting blacks and address the problem of black in the white crime vs white on black crime.

  2. ButSeriously on said:

    No need for an app called “Detecting White Privilege.” On a Dallas city map, look for Highland Park and University Park. They are actually cities. With zip codes & everything, but no ‘hood.

  3. KeepingItReal on said:

    Most crimes are committed by white people. It’s just that this racist, white country of pedophiles criminalizes races of people (versus criminalizing criminal acts). If only all white people avoided people of color…this world would be a much better place. Just think….if white racist pedophiles wanted to avoid places where blacks lived…they would have avoided Africa…thereby avoiding slavery. If white racist pedophiles wanted to avoid places where blacks lived…black women and girls would not have to worry about being se3ually assaulted. If white people wanted to really avoid people of color…we wouldn’t be in the middle east. Society would be a utopia. Now…only if white people truly adhered to this app…and leave black people the fugg alone….lol

    • MadameX on said:

      Riiiiight. About 50% of the people murdered in the USA are black. 95% are killed by other blacks. Oh and when black women are raped the rapist is also black virtually 100% of the time (so sisters really need this app).

  4. Dangerous BlkMan on said:

    what do we know about the people making this app. I bet it is a bunch of rich white republiklans. Does anyone know??

  5. Dangerous BlkMan on said:

    I like this app. I am going to get it and then I am going to tag my home hazordous for whites. Ha. this is perfect. Now all the white people will stay the fuck away and we will be better off for it.

  6. seriously on said:

    Well, Majority of the crimes in urban areas are same race crimes, so blacks could use this app as well…However all crimes are in the majority same race…So they can avoid the hood, but not the serial rapist, killer, child molesters, heroin/meth dealers in their own hoods…Sounds like a plan!

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