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Lips take center stage on the face, especially during a conversation.  When it comes to putting your best face first, it is important to manage the appearance of not only the entire face but to pay attention to the parts of the face that stand out the most, like your lips. When the lips are cared for properly, your look can become more appealing within a matter of minutes.  If dry, cracked lips are something that you experience, try these healthy habits for soft, kissable lips.

1. Towel exfoliation

Using a warm towel in the morning to loosen up dead skin cells to rub them off is a great way to make your lips soft and luscious.  Place a small hand towel under warm water until the towel is soaked and steaming.  Wring out the water and place the warm towel over the lips for one minute or until the heat escapes the towel and repeat for a second time.  During the second time, use the towel to rub the lips in a circular motion with a bit of force in order to exfoliate the dead skin. After this is done, a lip balm should be applied to lock in moisture.

2. Brown sugar scrub

Brown sugar is a natural exfoliator that cleans up easily, tastes yummy and leaves the lips feeling baby soft.  Using ½ tablespoon brown sugar, place a few drops of water into the sugar to create a paste, or use a few drops of shea or coco butter to add a moisturizing agent.  Apply the paste to the lips and rub them together to allow the sugar crystals to scrub the lips free of dead and cracked skin.

3. Use lip balm

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