Good Gawd!

Jill Scott is officially our girl crush. The “Blessed” singer debuted a brand new look on the cover of the September issue of Essence magazine and can we all join in together for a collective “YASSS?!” Jilly from Philly is fierce in a blonde pixie-like wig on the glossy facade.

Scott is promoting her role as James Brown second wife “DeeDee” in the biopic “Get On Up,” in theaters today.

“‘Deedee’ understood James and accepted him,” she said opening up to TheSource about the role.”It was a part of their thing. Sometimes, he’s very passionate and loving and sometimes, the weight of being James Brown was taken out on her and she accepted it.”

When asked if she’s ever covered any of Brown’s songs, she responded “I have never covered a James Brown song. I would like to, but I don’t know which one. His jazz standards are amazing.  I don’t even know if I could. That’s a big undertaking. I’m not opposed to it all.”

Scott admitted to use that she cries often (which should have come in handy when filming the emotional biopic). “When I’m happy. I’m sad or overwhelmed, or tired…[laughs] I like to get stress off of me. Even if it’s joy-filled. I like to let it go. I like to be balanced, so sometimes I feel little overwhelmed in any particular emotion and I just let it out…or kickbox.”

Such a dynamic woman.

7 thoughts on “Jill Scott Goes Blonde On The Cover Of Essence Mag!

  1. redbone1954 on said:

    As far as I am concered she look like a million bucks!!!! Love the blonde hair I wear blonde myself and short is what I wear all that horse hair that everyone is wering is a little much for me who really needs 30 inches of hair but to each his own!

  2. Definitely not the right shade of blonde for her. It’s really cringe worthy to read this article writer’s crushing all over what really isn’t that good of a look. Or are we just supposed to be impressed that Jill crossed over the afro-pride line and got a white girl do?

  3. Mary Burrell on said:

    I love Jill thinks she looks good but i am not really feeling the blonde hair. But she has always been pretty to me.

  4. I said it. on said:

    Ooh, all of the people who are experts on what’s black and not black enough are going to be furious with her. People who comment usually say how she keeps it real and how she’s a great representation. Now, they’ll jump ship. I personally like Jill, her music, and her right to wear a blonde wig to funk it up a little bit.

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