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So you probably heard that ex-Destiny’s Child member, Farrah Franklin was arrested. Reports say it was for disorderly conduct, but this isn’t the first time Farrah’s been in trouble with the law. Some say her life just hasn’t been the same since her departure from the group.

Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear if Beyonce should be the one to help her, you know since it was reported her father was the one who let Farrah go from the group!

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3 thoughts on “Will Beyonce Help Farrah Franklin With Her Legal Issues?

  1. Mashonda on said:

    What a stupid question!! How stupid and ignorant of the rickey smiley show. Farrah wasn’t part of the original line up in Destiny’s Child. She was a replacement and no she wasn’t in DC for a year like you all stated. Farrah was in Destiny’s Child for 5 months & was let go because she wouldn’t attend rehearsals & missed events. why in the world would Beyoncé help farrah, a GROWN A** Woman, with her legal problems??! farrah’s problems don’t have anything to do with Beyoncé. And for you all to talk as if Beyoncé owes Farrah something.. Beyoncé doesn’t owe farrah a damn thang!! Like I said, Farrah was in the group for on 5 months and was a stressor to the group. She didn’t do anything good for the group. She couldn’t even sing as well according to Beyoncé.. Michelle saved the group because she could actually sing & fit in just nice with the remaining two girls. Beyoncé then wasn’t like Beyoncé today..dominating the music game, worlds most powerful celebrity, world most influential celebrity,friends with the President & First Lady, but even then when Beyoncé was she was really popular and the main star attraction in her group. Like that one cat said.. if you feel so strongly about farrah’s legal situation.. reach into YOUR pockets and give her YOUR money.

  2. Jessica on said:

    This is stupid ass question did she help Latavia when she was down, is she helping her little brother out, is she helping her daddy out HELL NO this is a waste of topic The one person who is innocent in all the mess connected to Beyoncé is her brother Nixon Knowles and she clearly shows she don’t give a damn so why would she even attempt to help Farrah Franklin out

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