When ‘RHOA’ star Porsha Williams admitted she was dating a young baller, we immediately stalked the barely legal cutie pies in the NBA to see who the lovable Georgian could possibly be linked to.

But when photos surfaced of Philadelphia Eagles Running Back LeSean MCoy and the reality star together, we knew something was up.

While we don’t have any real proof , partly because Porsha will post a photo of a shadowy figure that resembles LeSean, but then quickly deletes it, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for a future couple sighting.



What do you think? Could you see the two of them together?

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(Photo Source: Instagram)

10 thoughts on “RUMOR HAS IT: Porsha Williams Is Dating NFLer LeSean McCoy [PHOTOS]

  1. The Truth on said:

    Porsha is a beautiful women, however beauty does fades. Do something more than take half naked pics to post on the internet, like that’s all you got to offer. As Kenya quoted “go read a book”

  2. seriously on said:

    Porsha is a beautiful woman, but it will only get you so far and she is in her early 30’s. So she really needs to think with her brain because reality tv, no doubt is kinda going out of popularity and beauty is not trust fund makes.

    • @seriously: So what’s your bigger point?? Spell it out…..seriously. Are you suggesting that she should get a sugar daddy? I don’t know…..I’m just asking

      • seriously on said:

        Since you mention “sugar daddy”, I feel their is no need to explain anything to you as you would not get it anyways…Women who seek sugar daddies are hoeing…I would never suggest to any women that turning tricks for a living is a viable option…Says volumes about a person who thinks that way…The mention of her age has nothing to do with what’s young or old, however normal people usually have a career, saving, assets and a retirement plan already in the making…There has always been a difference between age and maturity..BTW, these are things that sugar daddies do not provide.

    • What’s with the “she is in her early 30’s”?? What does that mean? (Some) young people kill me with eluding to that 30, or 40 is old. Pleeeez!!

  3. He was at the recent ESPY awards with another female so not sure about the so called shadowy picture she may have posted. Too funny

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