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Marvel is bringing more girl power to Asgard as a woman will be taking over for the God of Thunder!

Thor’s getting a makeover. The iconic comic publisher announced on ” The View ” this morning that Thor is going to be a woman starting in October! Check her out!

In a new story line to be written by Jason Aaron, the Asgardian warrior has been stripped of his mighty hammer Mjolnir after being deemed no longer worthy to wield its awesome power. That leaves the field wide open for a woman to take up his legendary weapon, his title and his abilities!

Readers shouldn’t expect some mystical occurrence to genderswap their favorite viking. The original Thor will still exist. As one of Marvel’s oldest heroes this is a huge departure from the character Stan Lee created in 1962.

Marvel hasn’t dropped any hints about who the woman behind the mask will be just yet. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the Uru Hammer handed over to his lady compatriot Sif. Just because the role is being given to a woman, Marvel is not making any differentiation between her and the original. Whoever she is, she will be Thor in the truest sense.

It’s not clear how or if this change will affect the The Avengers franchise or Marvel’s ” Agents of Shield ” series.

Marvel has been making quite progressive changes to their pantheon of heroes lately. Most recently, the comic house decided to make Ms. Marvel a Muslim woman.


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