Are you a single mom looking for your first home? Real Estate pro  Sheryl English shares her knowledge with Nikki and Mary in #89.  For more info contact Sheryl at


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2 thoughts on “Mamas Gone Wild: Episode #89

  1. Black Entertainment needs a Cooking Show…good cartoons, toddler & children TV shows & a workout TV program DAILY..Yoohoo can anybody hear me! We’ve got millions of college students what are their goals? to be on 106&Park that’s a wast of talent…everybody wanna sing. I have never seen black men PLAY with children saying good things…Where’s our Barney or Childrens religious programs? What are you people doing with your degrees?!

  2. this was very helpful! Is there more? presently thinking of divorcing and I felt a lift knowing that I am going to get a head start and how that is going to help me….and hearing Nikki articulate that loss of home and what it really means for the kids really helped me to gain a lot of clarity….great job! appreciate it:)

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