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07/10/14 –

Dear Tom,

I would like to nominate my mother Hazel Moore as the Thursday Morning Mom. My Mother is retired from the School System as a Housekeeper and has been a widow for over 40 years. She is most happy when she is in her kitchen cooking or baking. Growing up my sister, brother and I never went without the things we needed. Looking back I don’t know how we made it based on her income. Mother always cooked full course meals, we did not have burgers or hotdogs (unless it was a cookout or birthday party).

After we all became adults and moved out my Mother still cook as if we were still there. She sits under her carport and wave and speak to people in the neighborhood as they pass by. Some will ask “Mrs. Hazel whatcha got good to eat”, she will tell them “stop when you come back by”. She does not care who you are she is always willing to feed you. She goes to visit other senior citizens that my not be feeling well or not able to get out and take them a plate. Mother will go to the Dollar Store and by cheap plastic ware so she want have to worry about getting her dishes back. I will go to Sam’s and by her the carry-out plates. During the Holidays her dining room table is covered with cakes that she baked for different people. There’s always a cake in the freezer so if you stop by she will have something to offer you with coffee or ice tea. My mother is sweet, kind and always putting others first. She don’t judge as some walkup the driveway and hiding their wine/beer bottle as she’s to putting there food in a bag. She just tell them to enjoy it and take care of themselves. Mother is always doing for others. Now she’s worried about these trees in the backyard.

Last week she had a guy from a Tree Service Company come give her an estimate of what it will cost to have a big oak tree cut down. He told her $600 and suggested the big pine tree that’s behind the oak come down too because if the pine tree should fall and the oak tree is not there it will fall on the house because it’s leaning in that direction therefore both trees should be removed.

Tom I’m asking that you pick my Mother for the Thursday Morning Mom so she can get those trees removed. This would bless her in a tremendous way. I think she deserves that.