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Vera Sidika may not be well-known in America but folks in Kenya are well-aware of the aspiring singer and her noticeable backside. So much so that she has been labeled as Kenya’s answer to Kim Kardashian.


And like Kim, Sidika has people talking. According to, the socialite ignited a strong backlash Friday when she appeared on Kenya’s “#TheTrend.” During her appearance, Sidika, who’s been adored for her curves, told the show’s host that she spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on skin-lightening treatments.

Despite it being dangerous, skin lightening has gained popularity in Africa, with women going to makeshift clinics to get work done. The BBC notes that Kenyan men prefer their women lighter or “yellow, yellow,” as opposed to darker or “tinted” women.


“Looking good is my business,” Sidika said on “#TheTrend.” “My body is my business, nobody else’s but mine.” The 24-year-old model went on to reveal that she was motivated by her idols to lighten her skin, saying “Nicki Minaj and Rihanna did it. You just have to do it the right way.”

Within hours after Sidika’s interview, reaction from viewers came via social media. Twitter users were not shy about their feelings as they called the socialite out for low self-esteem and suggested that she put herself at risk, since bleaching has neither been tested nor regulated.

Thus far, according to Sidika, she’s spent $170,000 to have her skin lightened.

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Lighting vs. Lightening OR Black & Bleached
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13 thoughts on “Kenya’s “Kim Kardashian” Vera Sidika Ignites Backlash Over Skin Bleaching [PHOTOS]

  1. njery bernadette on said:

    all those saying its she’s not who/what God made or she is of low morals,pls spare us all that,if you have the money do whatever pleases you,we only live once lest we forget,oh and you are not God don’t judge her whether she’ll go to heaven or hell ain’t your problem worry about where you will go,

  2. Dangereous BlkMan on said:

    I like my women black. The blacker the better. In fact I stay away from all those light skinned hoes. Way to much white in them.

  3. Mac Ben on said:

    How is this different from black hoes wearing a white/asian hair weaves/wigs or whitefolks tanning? If you don’t like who you are, FUCK YOU!

  4. This is a damn shame. Let me tell you something, it doesn’t matter how much you lighten your skin. You are still going to be black to the people that you are trying to impress. The only thing that you are showing the world is that your self-esteem is on the carpet. Stop trying to be white. For those that don’t know the truth, pale skin is a curse for lying. You don’t have to take my word for it. Look it up yourself. II Kings Chapter 5. Read the whole chapter, you might learn something about yourself.

  5. Let’s now. Short. Stumpy. Tree trunk legs. Big, oversized fake ass. Fake hair. Stenciled on eyebrows. Spackled on makeup. Skin that looks like she took a bleach bath. What’s not to love? Here in the good old US of A, it’s the norm not the exception. If she were here, she’d be wildly popular. Especially if she got herself banged on camera.

  6. Plain stupidity, we as a race continuously fail to see and accept our on beauty but are willing ready top accept someone else even if it means our health. I wish we would just stop it, just be you and stop trying be be the white man & women.

  7. Linda on said:

    It’s always about what men prefer and they can look like Magilla Gorilla, you don’t see them changing. She’s already beautiful and can’t see that, she’ll never be happy.

  8. Carol Kim on said:

    She is not who God made her and she will never be gratified with her looks. She should accept how she looks so that she does not go to extreme and finds out that she is more than a zombie than the lady who God created. However you look be grateful because you are created in God’s image and that you are wonderfully and fearfully created. Psalm 139:14

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