After handing it over to Ontario Lottery and Gaming to prove its authenticity, the couple were awarded their money which they say will go to travel and helping out their four children and five grandchildren.

As for the churchgoer who found the ticket, the Nosirus have only gratitude.

“I just want to say thank you,” Abiola Nosiru said. No word on if the honest churchgoer will be further rewarded.

Mrs. Nosiru did have some advice for anyone fortunate enough to be in her position:

““Please keep your ticket in a safe place and watch it all night,” she told Ontario’s National Post. “And sign it. And if you can tape it to your body like my husband did on that Saturday …. He said whoever wants to take this ticket has to kill me.”

(Photo: OLG)

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4 thoughts on “Canadian Couple Lose $50 Million Lottery Ticket, But Church Member Turns It In

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Always sign the ticket before you walk away from the CS counter (I step aside and sign mine before leaving the CS counter). But I agree with RealistView, that member had to have stolen the ticket out from his wife’s purse, you’d be surprised to know that it can happen in church, when you’re standing in praise and worship the culprit could be sitting right next to or behind you. It happened to me when I was in praise a and worship mode. (I won’t how much was stolen), the last time I saw my money was when I was getting for the offering. Blew my mind, I’m not over that yet but I do know that who ever that monster of a thief was God will deal with them. Lesson learned I will keep my purse on my shoulder while I’m church.

  2. RealistView on said:

    I’m not convinced that the church member was “honest”. How did the church member get the ticket if it was duct taped inside the wife’s purse? Why did it take so long for the church member to return the ticket if the man’s name and address was on the ticket? My suspicion is that the church member stole the ticket and after realizing that they would not be able to claim the money because the ticket was signed, they decided to return it instead of destroying it with the hope that they would be rewarded for returning the ticket.

  3. i really and truly hope they rewared that person because they didn’t have to give it to them. It will be wrong for you not to show your gratitude with an award to him. The Lord can make you lose it twice, do the right thing.

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