LOS ANGELES (AP) — “The Arsenio Hall Show” has been canceled because of low ratings, ending Hall’s late-night comeback bid after a single season.

Hall’s bid to recreate the success he enjoyed 20 years ago failed to find a big enough audience in the ever-crowded TV market.

CBS Television Production had previously announced Hall’s syndicated show would be back for a second season, but faced the prospect of stations moving it to lesser time slots as ratings fell.

In a statement, Hall said he knew launching the show would be a challenge.

“I’m gratified for the year we’ve had and proud of the show we created,” the actor and comedian added.

The show is in reruns and won’t resume production, a show spokesman said. The last original episode aired May 21.

When Hall began his original series in 1989, he was seen as the cool alternative to Johnny Carson and “The Tonight Show” on NBC. Guests including sax playing-presidential candidate Bill Clinton helped push Hall into the spotlight.

By 1994, with increased competition from new “Tonight” host Jay Leno and CBS’ David Letterman, Hall’s ratings had slipped and the show ended.

When Hall returned last year, he was fighting for attention with even more programs, including ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel and the Comedy Central lineup.

The cancellation of Hall’s show returns the late-night talk show scene to almost uniformly white male hosts, with a few exceptions such as Tavis Smiley on PBS.

18 thoughts on “‘Arsenio Hall Show’ Canceled After 1 Season

  1. marcus on said:

    His show was horrible. It didn’t fail because he’s black..look at Oprah, it failed because he and his guest and their endless racist remarks about whites. Blame the writers, blame Arsenio, and thank cbs for being willing to air the worst show in american history for an entire season. I enjoyed seeing Wiz Khalifa, only good thing the whole short miserable season. Nobody will pick up this hot mess, dream on….dream on.

  2. When he had Paul Mooney and Dick Gregory on there talking about white folks I knew it was a matter of time lol I will miss the show.

  3. Tanisha on said:

    I am very sad to hear this news. This is the only late night show I watched 20 years ago and it’s the only late night show I watch now. I’m curious how many late night shows come on with low to no ratings that have been on for years? Carson Daly comes on at 1 am in Chicago, who watches that? He got promoted to the Today show. They never wanted Arsenio to succeed. I have fingers crossed that another network picks up his show.

    • “They” could not have stopped Arsenio’s show from succeeding had his viewing audience been large enough. I’m sure “they” wanted the show to succeed, because it would have meant more money for the network. At some point, you have to stop blaming “them”. I agree with RJ. Paul “All Mouth and No Brains” Mooney and Dick Gregory probably drove the nails into his coffin.

  4. I don’t think TV One or OWN will pick up Arsenio due to the fact that these networks have tried talk shows before and the ratings were poor.

  5. The Truth on said:

    It was really nice to see Arsenio’s come back, Oprah please sign up the Arsenio Hall Show.

    I am in agreement with Abraham, “He will be back! One door closes and another opens!” God bless you Arsenio !!!

  6. Awwwwh Arsenio…Sorry to see you go!!! You were the only show with a constant flow of Black entertainers. I knew something was up when they changed his time from 11 to 11:30. Hopefully the show will be picked up by another network because there is definitely a need for exposure of Black entertainers

  7. Mary Burrell on said:

    Arsenio was just not in tune with the times. Fallon and Kimmell are the popular ones now. What worked in the 90’s won’t work in 2014. It’s too bad. I wanted him to succeed.

    • Mary I hear yeah but Arsenio is not a Fallon, nor a Kimmel (nor did I expect him to be). Arsenio’s audience demographics is totally different than a Fallon, or Kimmel. I’m just one person but I’ve never heard any of my friends, or colleagues say ‘did you see Fallon last night’ but I often heard people say did you see Arsenio last night. In short Arsenio being cancelled is our loss

      • Abraham Fennell on said:

        Joy hit it right on the head. Unless you’re a mainstream black guest, you don’t have much of a chance on getting on the other talk shows. You’re lucky to get on a daytime talk show nowadays. Arsenio was our voice like Don Cornelius was on Soul Train. Everyone missed him, since late night was missing something since he left the first time: him! Not everyday when someone’s gone for two decades and still relevant. That makes Arsenio Hall a living legend! End of story!

  8. Mac Ben on said:

    …maybe some great black network will pick up The Arsenio Hall Show…TV-ONE, “UPN”, BET, Oprah’s OWN…perhaps his homeboys Tyler Perry and Spike Lee can help a brotha out?? We are always talking about having our own…but we don’t support it ;(

  9. Considering Arsenio owned the 90’s, CBS should have made sure Arsenio had Top Notch guest on his show. I mean, who cancels an American Icon when his second season was secured during his off season on vacation??? Talk about ‘Lack of Decency’. Wonder if they would have done Jack Parr or Johnny Carson like this???? But that’s how America’s Showbusiness does American Negroes aka Minorities. #THEBLINDINGLIGHTOFMISINFORMATIONMUSTEND

  10. Timekeeeper on said:

    Although I was sad to see this cancellation, I am not surprised. It just didnt have the same flavor as the past. When he came on the scene back in 89′-90″ Arsenio was the BOMB! He did what no other late night show host could do or has done. The show was bvrilliant in too many ways to mention. It was just hard to get that back again. I agee with everyones post about how refreshing it is to see black artists get their due, and that Arsenio is Real! No doubt. I could just tell it wasnt going to last.

  11. Drusilla Cunningham on said:

    I’m sad to see Arsenio Hall Show go. It was breathe of fresh air to see his style of Late Night! He had some really great guest and his interviewing style was the best. I hope OWN network will consider picking his show up. I think he could be a great asset to Oprah’s line up of late night shows. I know she likes real people who are not phony.I believe Arsenio fits that criteria. He keeps it real!!

    • Drusilla I agree….Arsenio was definitely a “breath of fresh air.” No disrespect to the white late night talk show hosts; but enough already. People sometimes want to see reflections of themselves coming into their homes. I still miss Michael Baisden. Wish Mike could land a TV show, or another radio show.

  12. Abraham Fennell on said:

    Granted it was just one season of his comeback, but I enjoyed the ride when he had the likes of Eddie, Prince, EWF and others. I loved the current and old school guests he had. From the first show to now, I watched every single night and I cracked up on the segments. He will be missed. It doesn’t matter what people say, Arsenio is and always will be late
    night to me. I don’t think he’s done by a long
    shot. He will be back! One door closes and another opens! Thanks Arsenio!

  13. Veronica Roy on said:

    Sad to see the show go. I don’t watch much tv (nor do I ever post comments) but I did always tune in to the Arsenio Hall show. I loved his format and his guests because many I would never see on those other late night shows. It is unfortunate that local late night programming is predominantly white. I get none of their jokes, sorry. It was nice while it lasted to turn of the tv for late night and see people of color and not the same seven guests that are on those other shows. Great job Arsenio, hope you can get picked up somewhere else.

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