05/30/14 – At the helm of the arrest of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and DC politician Michael Brown, Roland Martin talks with Midwin Charles, a legal analyst, about the increase of black politicians that have been found guilty of bribery and stealing brown.

“If they have you on tape, chances are you’re going to get a trial. The psychology behind it all is about the character of these politicians. They think they are above the law,” Charles said.

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One thought on “ROLAND MARTIN: Black & Corrupt – A Politician’s Dirty Habits

  1. Roland: Why is it that we never hear about the many alleged political crooks down in South Florida? And there are many that have been charged….but you never hear about them in the national news. Many Latino Mayors have been charged, and some ousted. My point is that if these were Black folks it would be on national news for days. Not to mention over 200 people recently charged with alleged Medicare fraud involving millions of dollars/ Again…..mums the national news

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