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Strip clubs don’t play around when they don’t get their money. Former NFL player Bryant McKinnie recently learned that lesson the hard way after he was sued in 2012 for racking up about $375,000 tab in South Florida. When news first broke, McKinnie called the lawsuit bogus. However, McKinnie just settled the “bogus” lawsuit for $150,000.

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According to court documents, Charles “Pops” Young, father of rapper Trick Daddy, struck a deal with McKinnie recently to pay $150,000 for unpaid strip club fees. Young filed a lawsuit against McKinnie in 2012. Young claimed the ex-offensive tackle ran up the expensive tab over a period of 20 months between two of Young’s strip clubs. Bryant McKinnie promised to pay the bill back, but never forked over the cash.

McKinnie has already quietly been paying the reduced bill. He’s already paid back $37,000. The other $113,000 might be a challenge paying back now that McKinnie is a free agent, but we have no doubt it will get paid some way or another.


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