‘Hollywood Exes’ star Andrea Kelly filed for divorced from her husband, after only two months of marriage.

Kelly made headlines when she married celebrity barber and singer Brian McKee on March 6th after announcing on the season premiere that she was engaged.

McKee apparently carried on inappropriate conversations via Twitter which led to infidelity.

Kelly was married to R&B singer, R. Kelly for nine years.

What do you think? Should Andrea have waited a little longer before say ‘I Do’? Was Brian an opportunist?

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)

12 thoughts on “Andrea Kelly Divorces Husband After Two Months

  1. Good thing she got out of it quickly and he didn’t reverse his surgery or she may have stayed in it just for another child. I don’t like the way it is constantly in the show about R. Kelly being the King of R&B. We all know he can sing his ass off when he need to but if you’re gonna move forward leave his name out of your next relationship/marriage. Just mention his name to your kids who only want to hear and be reminded of him.

    • I said it. on said:

      She looks like she was open and vulnerable. She made a mistake and quickly corrected the problem. Bravo to her for that. Many people date long and hard, marry a nut and then live miserably in fear of wait others may say if they do get out of the situation. It was hard, but it was fair. Hopefully, she came out of the situation stronger and wiser.

  2. Rudy on said:

    Yeah unfortunately Drea fell for his voice and gorgeousness way too soon. He was definitely looking for an easy way into the spotlight. Too bad Drea was drawn into him so quickly. She’s better than that. Don’t let me get started on his reaction to the baby conversation.

    • I said it. on said:

      Only if she legally changed it. Even then I’ll bet she would go back to the last night that’s most recognizeable. She’ll say it’s for the kids sake. Hollywood Exes wants Andrea KELLY.

      • shellie on said:

        she ant that crazy she didnt change her last name from Kelley and she divorced him in time where she didnt have to pay anything plus she had prove of infidelity.

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