Despite winning a national championship and a Heisman Trophy in his freshman season at Florida State University, Jameis Winston has found himself in the public eye for all the the wrong reasons.

So much so that his father, Antonor Winston, is working with the university on ways to best manage the attention Jameis has received. The star quarterback and baseball player, who avoided charges in a sexual assault investigation in December, was recently suspended from the FSU baseball team after being cited for shoplifting crab legs. He was later reinstated after completing community service.

Moving forward Antonor Winston said he would like some form of security and supervision around his son at all times.

“He’s supposed to have somebody around him 24/7,” Antonor Winston told USA Today. “He’s a Heisman Trophy winner so (he’s) definitely not supposed to be by (himself).”

Florida State’s athletic director Stan Wilcox responded in a statement to USA Today that the school has added additional security to protect Jameis Winston. Nevertheless, Antonor Winston cites the latest incident involving his son as motivation for FSU to focus more on Jameis as he receives more attention heading into his sophomore season.

“We hope so,” Antonor Winston said. “Not only him. I think it should show the university and us, I think we probably kind of dropped the ball on that a little bit.”

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26 thoughts on “Jameis Winston’s Dad: ‘He Needs Supervision’

  1. Yes, he needs supervision. Because Dad, did such a shitty job. But I bet Dad, is going to supervising his cash flo when he becomes a pro. Right Pops?

  2. I am just ashamed that I did not do my Job with him, and trying to get him some help and you people are in attack mode. You see he is crying out foe help and I am try
    ing to give it to him before he get in further trouble. Shame on You!!!!!

  3. When I was this thugs age,Nobody provided me with a nanny as I tried my best not to get shot while tromping through the jungle in South Viet nam……….

  4. mike on said:

    why should the university have to provide someone to tell him what is right or wrong thought the parents should have been doing that since birth………………oh yea he gonna make millons of dollors so let someone that will not be milking him blind for money tell him NO so you can stay in his good graces

  5. If dad raised Jameis like Cam parents he might get to count some of that NFL money after all that’s all dad wants he doesn’t care about anything else including Jameis.

  6. Jameis needs to learn you have to earn every thing good or bad.because you are good in sports doesn’t allow to disrespect the law and other people just ask OJ.

  7. I didn’t know that winning the Heisman Award included security service 24/7. I , as a father, would be EMBARRASSED that my son would need supervision 24/7. Does that include when Jameis is on a date?

  8. Whatrolemodel? on said:

    Never heard of an honest, grown man that needed “supervision” to keep him from breaking the law. Only one with criminal tendencies would need such.

    • Frank on said:

      Wow…..the kid needs supervision to not break the law? It’s all about character….”what you do or say when no one is looking/listening”. I’m afraid this young man has no character at all.

  9. Rick on said:

    Supervision from WHO?? He is his own worst enemy! He’s a thief, and a rapist! Next, he’ll be a murderer. It keeps getting worse! If i were a GM of an NFL team, i would steer clear of this scumbag.

  10. THAT’S YOUR JOB A-HOLE!!! Don’t blame FSU for your failings to teach your son right and wrong. If he can’t handle it, get out.

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