Tyra Banks is helping shed light on the transgender community in a new documentary for VH1.

According to reports, the supermodel will co-produce “TransAmerica,” which she describes as “a groundbreaking docuseries that will blow the roof off stereotypes and set the record straight as we experience the lives of these fun, stunning women.” The upcoming, eight-episode series will follow lives of five transgender women living in Chicago.

In a statement, Banks said, “I am so happy to be a part of telling their fierce story.”

Members of the cast include a recent college grad named Giselle, a consultant for Christian Dior cosmetics named Natalia, the “ultimate party girl” Sidney, an aspirant doctor named Victory, and model, actress and transgender advocate Carmen Carrera. “Being a woman means everything to me,” Carrera said of her journey. “Before my transition I felt trapped, and now I’ve been set free. Carmen has arrived and I can’t wait to share my story.”

According to Susan Levison, the network’s executive vp of programming, the show is about so much more than their gender. “It would be easy to focus on the transgender aspect, but this series is about so much more,” she said. “This is a show about a group of compelling, gorgeous young friends who are on a unique journey while staying true to their authentic selves. We believe that message resonates.”

The docu-series is scheduled to premiere in late 2014 or early 2015, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Do you plan to tune in?


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