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A transsexual female who goes by the name of Honey Dip Ashton and claims she’s had a sexual relationship with Eddie Murphy since she was 17 years old is leaking intimate details about their trysts and is threatening to sue the actor for $1. 2 million.

Ashton took to Twitter this weekend to spill some of their alleged intimate details:

eddie2 eddie1 eddie



If you remember back in 1996, the actor also had a run in with another transsexual (shown above) named Atison Seiuli.

Does he have a type?

Comedy King: Salute to Eddie Murphy
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(Photo Source: Twitter, PR Photos)


29 thoughts on “Transsexual Exposes Eddie Murphy On Twitter

  1. Oh please Eddie Murphy is not God and many males who are married, play ball, gang members, politicians have sex with Transgender male to female women. Black people have to stop being so native, stupid, and ignorant to what’s going on in the world. Stop seeing the world in Black and White when it’s mostly grey. I’ve been hearing since the 80s that Eddie dated drag queens and transexuals.

  2. C.A.A. on said:

    I will say it again:
    Jesus is coming to judge us all! This again is part of this sick twisted social media of “MONEY” and fame. we have been so blind sided with the deception of life that people are not understanding what evill lies out there for them. Richard Pryor said it best Live on Sunset Strip: They got the cameras in all.

    • @C.A.A. I can’t resist. Soooo exactly when is Jesus coming back? And, where has he been with all the calamities that have been going on in the world for thousands of years? Pleazzzzzzzz!!

      • HE is here and has been over the years. Why do you think HE gave us a mind to think for ourselves. Don’t blame HIM for the way the world is – we must blame ourselves. We have allowed this to happen. GOD said that HE will raise HIM up a nation that will abide. When we get so evil that we can’t turn around – then HE will step in and destroy this wicked race.

  3. Mary on said:

    It amazes me how people are so quick to believe when someone say something about a celeb. I will wait and see. If it is true,it will play itself out in court or the story will start sounding fishy and tabloids will start paying people to jump on the band wagon.

  4. InDaBiz on said:

    He/she had better be very careful. Eddie Murphy keeps a low profile, but is extremely powerful in Hollywood. In messing with him, you’re also messing with the cash flow of major studios, production deals, future projects, etc. I’ve worked in the film industry for many years and please believe that folks in Eddie’s camp will “reach out & touch” when deemed necessary. Eddie has grossed BILLIONS (with a “B” ) for the studios & they’d like to keep it that way. Don’t mess around and “GET GOTTEN”. Eddie Murphy is calm, cool & collected, but we’ll end up reading about this person’s tragic demise. Eddie’s folks WILL “lay hands”……….please believe. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Inhabit too many high profile people already think they’re invincible. Look at the long list of black celebrities that has already had their balls handed to them. Yes Eddie best bet is to just let the rumors not be true. If he has a fetish for this then it should be his own private ordeal but if the rumors are true hell do like the rest. He will pay the guy to shut up and go away.

    • RENO2AC on said:

      Hmmmm, the other transexual that he was “caught” with in the 90s turned up dead, if I’m not mistaken.

      • Jacquelynn4 on said:

        You’re right. April 1998. Cause of death: fell out of 5th story window. Read into it what you like.

    • micheal on said:

      It’s getting to the point that men can’t be trusted especially around young girls! You are better off having a dog in the house than man!

      • So evidently micheal you must be screwing your dogs if it is better to have a dog in the house than a man. BEASTIALITY – that must be your poison. Sorry, but I would rather have a MAN in the house than a DOG.

      • ammy on said:

        WRF, get real and stop sounding stupid. Having a dog is not about sex. Many people are saying what Michael is saying even about women because we are living in a society that very few people we can trusted. Folk cheating, folks on the down low, folks killing mates, etc. Yes, get a dog just to keep you company and loyal.

      • @michael: I’ll take a man over a D dog any day!!! I don’t know about you; but I won’t let my life be consumed by not trusting any one. All men aren’t alike. Just as all women aren’t alike. Sounds to me like you’ve never been in a lasting loving relationship. And if so…..that’s sad, and your loss

      • newme on said:

        It’s not just the men who are trifling. Pick up any newspaper, or read any news story online about women who are in custody, along with their boyfriends, husbands, baby daddys, etc., for the murder/torture/neglect of their kids.

  5. Men are destroying america.in folks botty holes spreading all kinds of diseases.they dont want no coochy anymore.some want come after the booty til they been dating for a while, then you know what they really want.women are letting them do it , these men are coming out of jail were they use to getting booty holes, now telling there friends once there released and there doing the women or men.easiest way to catch a disease is through the butt.

    • How do you know what his type of relationships this man experience. You are going by a story that was planted by the press. No one personally knows Eddie Murphy. You over hear rumors started by the press and believe everything. It is a known fact that Eddie Murphy was married with children. Anyone can make up a story and sale it for a price. If this person had came out and made the statement without asking for a price there might be a legitimate claim. But as long a price is request….this is just another rumor. DO BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ

      • Married men with kids don’t cheat is what you’re telling me? You’re telling me that there isn’t some facts to rumors especially those that seems to repeat? I’m not stupid at all and you know wealthy people try a lot of different things. Black or white. Bishop Eddie long for example.. You can hold up buy you know as well as I do this world is not the same as it once was not so long ago. I put nothing passed anyone. Especially people in high places. Yes I believe he has a double life. I know people like him.

      • RENO2AC on said:

        Uhmmm, Eve, he WAS caught with a transsexual in the 90s. It is a known FACT. He said that he was giving “her” a “ride” and that he didn’t know “she” was a he.

      • I’m not hating on Eddie I’m a fan. But believing that he’s exempted from this type of behavior is both ignorance and childish. I hope I’m wrong because it seems that our black men is so easy to pick up on everything that’s negative. Please let me be wrong. But look around and tell me about what you see going on with the black males that you deal with and know. Yes Eddie Murphy has a problem and it seems that he can’t get enough of it.

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