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If you’ve ever needed a reason to head down to Orlando for the Allstate Tom Joyern Family Reunion weekend in Las Vegas, this year, you’ve got it. The Jacksons – Marlon, Tito, Randy and Jermaine are on the bill.

Tom Joyner may have a side hustle as the group’s publicist because after seeing them in Vegas, he says he had to add them to the lineup this year. Their run in Vegas ended prematurely, but their showmanship impressed Joyner as well as the thousands who came out to see their 30-plus shows.

“We did like 34 dates,” Jackie Jackson says. “We were there for a while and we had some kind of construction problems with the building, we were told and we had about 6 shows left. But we’re coming to rock your place.”

If you see the Jacksons live, it shows you just how Michael came to rule the pop world. While many people think he got inspiration for his moves and showmanship from folks like James Brown, the Jackson’s show proves he learned his skills right at home, copying the moves of his older brothers Tito, Jermaine and Jackie. “

The group started with me, Tito and Jermaine and we brought [Marlon, Randy and Michael] into the group after that,” Jackie says. “Michael learned all the moves from us and people like James Brown. We saw he was doing his thing and we brought him in, we put him up front because he was a little guy but he had all that energy and was doing this thing. And he could do it well.”

The Jackson brothers learned their movies from the legends they grew up watching as well. And of course, their father, who famously rehearsed and directed them in their early years to near abusive levels, depending on who you talk to.

“We got it from watching groups like the Temptations and Jackie Wilson,” Jackie says now. “We got it from our mom and dad they taught us a lot about the business. He can’t dance at all, but he could direct. We started harmonizing with Mother, that’s how we got started singing.”

The Jackson legend continues –the group got rave reviews performing at the Kentucky Derby last weekend. They have upcoming dates in Detroit, Atlantic City, N.J. and overseas. But you can catch them during the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion August 28- September 1 in Orlando, Florida.

This will be our first and we hear great things about it,” Jackie says. But he has one important priority aside from staging and rehearsal time.

“You’re going to have some good food there, right? “

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