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ATLANTA – As I walked the streets of Georgia last week, I was thinking about guns.

Sporting a wide smile, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, a radical Republican, signed into law one of the most troubling and potentially dangerous pieces of legislation in our nation’s history: Starting July 1, it will be legal for licensed gun owners in Georgia to pack guns in bars, schools, churches and some government buildings. Deal calls the new state law the “Safe Carry Protection Act,” but his critics correctly refer to it as the “Guns Everywhere bill.”

“Our state has some of the best protections for gun owners in the United States. And today we strengthen those rights protected by our nation’s most revered founding document,” Deal said in signing the bill.

So nothing is sacred anymore. Guns in churches? Come for prayer while packing a pistol? Carry a gun to a bar? Throw back a few brews with a .45 in the waistband? Guns and alcohol are a deadly combination. The law also allows visitors from 28 other states to bring a gun into a Georgia bar without restrictions. Guns in schools?

Deal actually thinks it’s appropriate for people to carry guns in Georgia schools for protection? To protect who from what? This misguided bill could have disastrous consequences for Georgia residents. The website has recorded 387 school shootings across the country since 1992. There have been 12 school shootings in Georgia since 1993.

Last year, in Decatur, Georgia, a gunman terrorized an elementary school, firing in the front office and armed with an assault rifle and nearly 500 rounds of ammunition. And here’s something ironic: Because legislators are concerned about the new gun law, security at public buildings in Atlanta, like the Old Courthouse on Wright Square, is being beefed up. Visitors will soon have to pass through a metal detector installed in response to the new law.

“It deals with the new gun bill the governor signed into law,” Assistant County Manager Michael Kaigler told the Associated Press. “We’re going to start screening individuals who come into the buildings.”

So now Georgia officials feel forced to protect citizens from citizens because they created a law that allows folks to take guns into public buildings? Bill Murrain, a former civil rights lawyer who lives in Atlanta, said the new gun law is problematic.

“I’m not surprised by the sheer idiocy of a legislature which in a 3-month session could not find the wisdom to debate and enact laws which would expand Medicaid extending healthcare coverage to over 600,000 Georgians who have no insurance, a legislature which after a 3-month session has done nothing to create a more friendly job development atmosphere or the same legislature which has done nothing to make education more affordable and accessible for Georgians,” said Murrain, who works closely with Georgia’s health care system.

“They have instead passed bills which eases the carrying of guns in public places, churches, airport, and Little League ball parks,” he added.

Nothing good can come from this bill. Apparently, Deal doesn’t care about the great potential for more shootings in his state. In 2011, gunfire killed 1,175 people in Georgia, including 443 who were murdered, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most up-to-date statistics. Meanwhile, The National Rifle Association called the law “the most comprehensive pro-gun reform legislation introduced in recent history” and the gun rights group said it will “restore our right to carry and be allowed to protect ourselves anywhere we go.”

But Rev. Raphael Warnock, of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, brings some sanity to the debate as a leading opponent of the gun law.

“Our politicians, tragically, are owned by the gun lobby,” Warnock told reporters. “We will remind them in November that they work for the people.”

Warnock is right. Getting rid of misguided politicians who support the gun law may be the only way to repeal it.

What do you think?

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15 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Georgia Gun Law Sets Dangerous Precedent

  1. MoFo on said:


    Can’t wait to get to Georgia to exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights-I walk right up to the counter and tell em exactly. Don’t worry about Paul-the flat butt probably living large ‘in the trailer park’

  2. janey on said:

    Paul doesnt matter if its spelled wrong you know where you live. Take your racist ass to the kkk rally. Get off baw.. sorry excuse for a human being . Grow a pair. If someone black confronted you in person your bitch ass would take off running

  3. janey on said:

    Paul why are you even on ? Its obvious your an evil ass racist take your dumb ass to a kkk website. Coward !

  4. Joe on said:

    The law’s intention is to give US law abiding citizens a chance to arm ourselves from the criminals who could give a damn about the laws which are in place to protect US. Within the past 8 months I purchased my first firearm…legally! I am a 46 year old married black man with one child and up until recently never felt the need to own a gun. But, in my city Wilmington, NC we have had a spike in gang violence which has led law abiding citizens such as myself to seek gun ownership. These kids are shooting each other like a X-Box video game and your stance is to NOT allow me to LEGALLY “pack a gun”?! You sir are not in touch with reality!

    I have completed our state’s Carry Conceal Weapon(CCW) class which costed me $175 (class $85 & CCW permit $90). One thing I noticed in my class of about 9…there were no gang members there!!! You know why sir BECAUSE THEY ARE FELONIOUS THUGS THAT DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE LAW, ME, YOU, OR THEMSELVES!!!! The only people who will benefit from the repelling of this law are the felons! Remember, they did not in most cases purchase the guns legally and they most certainly did not go to CCW class!

    I have been a registered democrat since I was 18. But, most democrat’s stance on gun ownership is….well for a a lack better wording…WACKY! Yes, there are times where some unstable person goes nuts and shoots innocent people and sadly, kids. Yet, these instances outliers when it comes to crimes against the average citizen. Lord knows the black on black crime in my city and across the nation is most often times carried out with a weapon that was stolen, purchased on the street, traded for drugs or obtained by any other non legal means. Why for the life of me do those people, like yourself, stand in the way of law abiding citizens arming themselves if they chose to? The criminals have guns and always will no matter how tightly you restrict gun ownership. It is a “tool” of the business of crime!

    In order to EFFECTIVELY reduce gun crimes ALL guns would have to be removed from our society. That would make The Second Amendment a moot point. Although, the purpose of the amendment is to keep the citizens armed from the threat of our government or another. Back then most of the gun violence was because of war. Now it’s gang wars and other assault crimes that rule the headlines.

    To NOT have the need to fire a gun against one of your fellow man would be a harmonious existence I and any sane person would welcome with open arms. Yet, as comforting as that thought is sir it is a fantasy of the likes you nor I or any person living on this planet will ever see!!! “WE” kill in peace time…”WE” kill in wartime…in the between time “WE” survive. “WE” survive by NOT cowering in a corner hoping against hope that “WE’LL” be OK, but by standing up and taking arms if need be to protect myself and my family! The criminals are armed…shouldn’t “WE”????

  5. janey on said:

    Paul you and your wife aint shit without a gun and quiet as kept your wife would love to get some big black dick. Too bad you are intimidated by black men coward

  6. wow this just leaves me speechless. I will have to reconsider moving to Georgia now. I’d be to worried about wearing a hood over my head when it’s raining or snowing without a white American thinking i’m a thug because my Complexion “threatened” them. All I can say is we will see more cases like Trayvon Martin and Justin Jordan coming soon. Hello everyone this is your America!

  7. americanize. on said:

    Do what white folk do. law abiding black & brown people get ur permits. Whites or paranoid now you don,t need to be shot b/c u have on a hoodie are ur playing ur music to loud.

  8. candyapple on said:

    It’s been legal in NC for several months now and things have been fine… no gun violence from permit holders… Don’t worry, you’re safer than ever… criminals just need to beware.

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