When Tom Joyner says you’re the hardest working woman in show business, it really means something. But he’s right to give Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kandi Burruss the title. During the show’s run, Burruss has released new music, produced a song for former castmaste Kim Zolciak, done a musical, created a sex toys line gotten married to fiancee Todd Tucker, and shot a wedding special, all while dealing the drama of her disapproving mother.

Despite all the trouble with Mama Joyce, Burruss is now officially a newlywed. She says she’s enjoying the moment.

“It feels amazing like everyday that I can say something like ‘Yeah, my husband’s there,’ Burrus says. “I get the biggest kick out of it. I crack up.”

The former BET producer turned reality show star was initially reluctant to sign the pre-nup Burruss required, something that obviously didn’t go down well with Mama Joyce who was already giving him the side-eye.

“He always said that he would sign it,” Burruss tells the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “After he met with his attorney, they brought some up that they thought was unfair. But it wasn’t anything to do with the money part or him leaving or I’m leaving. I think my attorney added some things like “Upon death’ what would normally be in a will. So it wasn’t about the money. They had added some stuff.”

As for the wedding special, get ready for some fireworks. And not the ones that are displayed in the sky.

“I get along with his mama great. She’s super nice,” Burruss says of her new mother-in-law.

But how do the two moms get along? Unsurprisingly, they don’t.

“Ummm, not so great. Our wedding special is going to be off the chain with his mama and my mama.”

As for Burruss’ elaborate wedding gown custom-made by Rico Shapiro, she says reserve your judgment until the special airs.

“I know a lot of people had opinions on it but you did not see the whole dress.”

We can only assume that the now infamous wedding toast Fantasia made will be included as well. Burruss says any controversy around that was completely overblown.

“I mean, it really wasn’t that serious. It was one of those things where she was like like ‘You’re a real b–, you’re my girl. We are friends for real, in real life so she didn’t feel like she had to be on some type of TV personality where she had to fake and be somebody else. She was having a good time, having fun and I hate that people tried to turn it into something else.

“It didn’t bother me at all. I was laughing my butt off. I thought it was funny. She had a drink or two, she was feeling good, but it was nothing wrong with that. She’s supposed to feel comfortable around me. She should have to feel uptight around me. It bothered me that people tried to make more out of it than it was.”

The Real Housewives has been renewed for Season 7 so you can expect more shenanigans to go on next season. Though there has been some speculation that there’s room to let go of a Housewife or two, this year’s stellar ratings mean that’s unlikely to happen. And Burruss doesn’t think it should.

“I feel like we had a record-breaking season and I feel like we all need to come back, Burruss says. “Even the newest Housewife, Peter. We done bumped heads a couple of times but why do you want anybody boring on the show? He’s definitely not boring.

Burruss is also looking forward to the Bedroom Kandi convention this summer. Yes, there’s a convention happening as the line has been that successful.

“We just be selling out of products. Now with our consultants, we have so many new consultants this year. I can’t wait until our convention in August. It’s going to be off the chain. We talk about new strategies. It’s all about businesswomen having their own businesses. So we talk about how to make parties more fun, different ideas, we bring motivational speakers. It’s a business. It’s about how to build your business and be more successful.”

Well, Burrus certainly knows what she’s talking about there. For more information on Kandi’s projects, including Bedroom Kandi and A Mother’s Love, now on DVD, head to her official website.  

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