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Times sure have changed for TV sitcoms since Phylicia Rashad ruled with Bill Cosby 22 years ago on the classic must-see “The Cosby Show.”

While chatting with HuffPost Live about her new film with Halle Berry, “Frankie and Alice,” Rashad gave her take on current sitcoms, saying the latest crop doesn’t compare to how they did it back then.

“Oh! No comparison,” the actress told host Marc Lamont Hill. “I’m sorry, there just isn’t.”

Rashad went to hammer in her point while complimenting the writing staff of “The Cosby Show” and how they allowed her character, Claire Huxtable, to organically grow and change as a mother and career woman.

“We had a team of writers who were paying attention. This is something else that’s different in television today,” Rashad said as she mentioned how writing for sitcoms has not been as cohesive nowadays. “I just recently was on another television show and I wondered if the writers were ever in the same room together.”

Speculation on which show Rashad was referring to is anyone’s guess as the “Cosby” alum kept that information to herself. Still, you could take a guess from the shows she most recently appeared on. Those shows include the NBC drama “Do No Harm,” which was canceled after one season as well as episodes of “Psych” and “The Cleveland Show.”

Does Phylicia’s statements hold some truth? What are your thoughts on the current state of television?

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