Life is pretty sweet for Canadian pop sensation, Justin Beiber.

Seems as if the young star received a $2M Bugatti from Birdman — just because.


We know the Beibs has been hanging out with the YMCMB crew for the last few months but anybody else find it odd that the CEO of Cash Money Records wouldย buy such an elaborate gift for a young boy?

It’s not as if Justin needs the money or even a record deal.

You tell us, perfectly normal or really questionable?

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(Photo Source: PR Photos, Justin Beiber’s Instagram)


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8 thoughts on “Birdman Bought Justin Beiber A What?!

  1. Renasha on said:

    Tax write off… But like the first comment feel free to write off my student loans the next time you feel like giving just because

  2. komjj14 on said:

    The next time he feels like spending money like that “just because” …. feel free to send a 6-figure check directly to SallieMae and pay off my college student loans.

  3. stephanie on said:

    What a waste of money, its his money, however it could be used in a more productive way. ex. donate to the boys & girls club, provide summer programs or after school care for inner city kids, scholarships, there are a million productive ways he could have used that money.

  4. I said it. on said:

    Also, I don’t think it’s true because he didn’t buy Lil Wayne a car this expensive and according to Wayne…Weezie F Baby. Lil! I’m just saying…

  5. I said it. on said:

    If this is true, in a thinking family…

    1) He wouldn’t be allowed to hang out with people who are that older than him.

    2) He would know not to accept it.

    3) His parents would make home give it back.

    In today’s society he’ll keep it and later say he was molested and the world will jump on his bandwagon.

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