A 44-year-old Jacksonville woman who admits to shooting and killing her husband is standing behind Florida’s controversial “stand your ground” law as the reason why she pulled the trigger.

News4Jax says:

Callie Adams told Jacksonville police in 2011 that she shot her husband, Rodney Adams, two times during a fight inside their car because Adams was repeatedly punching her in the head. Police said the shooting happened at close range in the parking lot of a nightclub.

A stand your ground hearing for Adams was held Thursday at the Duval County Courthouse, a hearing that will determine whether or not this case ever goes to trial.

According to police reports, after an argument, Adams claimed her husband punched her repeatedly in the head, and the former Marine reached for her gun in the family car and fired.

In opening statements Thursday, defense attorneys argued Adams was standing her ground, citing years of physical abuse and what defense attorneys call “battered spouse syndrome.”

What do you think? Is this a case where SYG is warranted? Was the woman right in defending herself against her abusive husband?

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(Photo Source: News4Jax)

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14 thoughts on “Will It Work? Florida Woman Uses Stand Your Ground Law For Killing Abusive Husband

  1. Timekeeeper on said:

    Wow. So many jump to conclusions and form an opinion without knowing any facts. I have no idea whether or not this fits the stand your ground law or not. But if these Wild Bill Hickock folks down in Florida ( and other places for that matter) dont hurry up and fix or amend this law they will ultimately have to change it from “Stand Your Ground” to ” were all “In The Ground”

  2. stephanie on said:

    She finally got the courage to put down that rabbi dog, he got what he deserved. Once a man put his hands on a woman, he will continue, until she puts him 6 feet under

  3. charles mason on said:

    Men in Florida should start using this law when women put their hands on them, because women think that they can hit on men whenever they choose..

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Men also have the option of walking away, yet few choose to do so. Macho man syndrome kicks in he has to prove himself. What a fool believes he sees somehow his woman is going to shower him with love and affection after he was a spouse abuser. Probably would treat the woman who birthed him( his mother) the same way if he could get the chance.

  4. Jocelyn Davis on said:

    I believe that she was justified in doing what she did, but I would also like to know why it took her so long and what were the circumstances this time that made her lose it. Being a former victim of domestic violence myself, for some reason, we tend to think that things will change if we just stick it out and be patient and understanding; but when there are children involved, then that statement takes on a different meaning. Staying and enduring for the sake of the children or getting away for the sake of the children and your sanity. God Bless that woman, I hope in her case that SYG will be found justifiable and she can continue to live her life, but this time in peace and serenity!

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Some people have a higher tolerance for taking crap than others. Domestic violence is not like a pair of socks, one size does not fit all.

  5. If he hit her even one time, she did what she was supposed to. But what I fail to understand is if he had been abusing her for years, what took her so long to put him down? What was so different about this ass kicking that she snapped? That is the only thing that makes me question her motives. What took so long?

      • Actually, I’m just the opposite. I’m always extremely happy when a cowardly, weak ass woman beater is put down. If that is indeed what happened. Can’t be mad at that.

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Grandmaster Flash said it best, he pushed her close to the edge and she went on and lost her head. Not like she kept a diary when the ass kicking started. The term “for years” is general, no “start” dates were given. One could comb through the records of the police force and see how many calls for service they had for the address of Callie and Rodney Adams.

    • tewdeeq on said:

      Your question is an example of ignorance in the matters of domestic violence and the rights women still have yet to be given. One day you yourself might have to be answering this same question but for yourself instead.

      • Women don’t have to be “given” the right to protect themselves from cowards who prey on them, as some seem believe. That’s why so many are abused and killed. And if you actually knew anything about me, you’d know as a certainty that the question of “why it took so long to put him down” would be not virtually, but literally impossible to ever apply to me, thank God.

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