Shanesha Taylor , the Arizona mother who left her kids in a car has generated support that she probably never expected. Taylor was arrested and is facing child abuse claims after police say she left her 2-year-old son and a 6-month-old son inside a hot car while she went to a job interview. Another young woman, sympathized with Taylor’s plight and started an online fund to help her.

24-year-old Amanda Bishop, a college student, warmed to Taylor’s story. She said she could relate to her struggle. Other people obviously could too, because donations have poured in – to the tune of over 60,000  to help Taylor since the online fund was announced.

Right now, Taylor is in an Arizona jail until March 31, and some of the donation will go to help with legal fees.

WFSB reports the original story : Scottsdale police say a witness heard a child crying inside a SUV that was parked outside an office complex near 90th Street and Via Linda on Thursday. Two children, a toddler and a baby, were inside the vehicle, which had the engine off, the doors closed and each of the four windows only slightly opened. The car was reportedly parked in the direct sunlight and the witness didn’t see an adult around. Walking to her car, Taylor was met by police and explained to them that she was homeless, unemployed and couldn’t get a babysitter.

She was arrested and booked into jail for child abuse and her children are now in CPS custody.

Bond is set at $9,000.

“There are some of us that feel that Shanesha was in an unfortunate situation that sadly an economy like ours is putting many single mothers in a position to make terrible mistakes like this,” Bishop told “This fundraiser was set up in an effort to help Shanesha and her situation.”

If you are interested in donating to Taylor, click here. 

Does Taylor’s desperate act deserve this kind of support or is she rightly in jail for her poor decision? 

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(Photo Source: WFSB)

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39 thoughts on “$60,000 (And Counting) Raised for Arizona Mother Who Left Kids in Car [UPDATE]

  1. **I wonder…would she be getting this much support if one or both of those little ones had died? (By the way, after her arrest, she admitted that she was not homeless and that she was employed part time.)

    “Taylor, 35, faces two counts of child abuse, a class four felony.

    Police said Taylor wasn’t able to find a sitter, so she left her 2-year-old son and 6-month old baby in her vehicle with the key still in the ignition and the windows rolled down an inch.

    A witness found the infant crying and called police.

    Scottsdale police officers and firefighters found the boys buckled in car seats inside a parked SUV near the Loop 101 and Shea Boulevard.

    According to court documents, the temperature outside was about 82 degrees and the temperature inside the car exceeded 100 degrees.

    Taylor was arrested after returning to the car, which was about 45 minutes after police were called.

    She reportedly told officers she did not have a baby sitter for her children and was hoping they would sleep during her interview since it was their nap time.

    Child Protective Services took custody of the children.

    Taylor pleaded not guilty Monday at her arraignment.”

  2. Kewana on said:

    I’m sure this decision was based solely on her outlook and the options available at the time in which it was made. It doesn’t make it right… just makes it all relative. And, if nothing else it should implore us to take notice and see this as a plea for help.

  3. At least she was trying to find work and the sytem is being a little to hard on her.especially if they take some of that money.they need to let her go.i know him that have lived on the system 30 to 40 yrs and has never even bothered to go out and look forbwork, there the ones whom need to be jailed for not looking for work.the kids father’s need to step forwardcand help her with these kids, there probally in jail or in some other womans house helping with kids that are not even theres.i applaud her for trying and wanting to work.the men have to some responsibility in this unprotected sex game as well as the women.common sense tell you to help with your kids regardless of how many you have married or not you help make them, the goverment shouldn’t be held accountable but both parents should be.

  4. I see a desperate caring mother with no where to go and no support trying to provide for her children and being taken advange of by police at a desperate time, and no one to turn to and most likely 1 or 2 deadbeat,weak, and useless fathers – no where to be found. I don’t have much but she’s got it ……..

    • sondis on said:

      You’re getting into the , “what if” game. I only care about the, “facts” and the fact is the children are fine.

      You can’t judge someone based on what could have happened. She will obviously learn from this and never do anything close to this, again.

      Stop judging people as if you’ve never done anything wrong, made a mistake or done something illegal!

      That’s the problem with white people, they are so quick to judge black people, whenever we do something wrong but when white people break the law, other whites will make ever excuse in the book for them!

      Clear the skeletons out of your own closet, before looking into someone Else’s closet! Hypocrites!

  5. geforce on said:

    If she didn’t have anyone to watch the kids while she interviewed, then who was going to watch the kids if she actually got the job? There had to be somebody in her life that would be happy to see her get an interview and watch her children for at least one hour. What is it about her that she has no support of any kind? Children under no circumstances should be left unattended and exposed to danger. Thank God she has garnered sympathy from strangers who don’t know all the details.

    • sondis on said:

      If she didn’t have anyone to watch the kids while she interviewed, then who was going to watch the kids if she actually got the job? There had to be somebody in her life that would be happy to see her get an interview and watch her children for at least one hour. What is it about her that she has no support of any kind? Children under no circumstances should be left unattended and exposed to danger. Thank God she has garnered sympathy from strangers who don’t know all the details.

      well, its obvious that she didn’t have anyone to watch her kids at the date and time of the job interview, doesn’t necessarily mean she didn’t have someone to watch over the kids, if she landed the job.

      what is wrong with you people? all of a sudden, you can’t think objectively? You’re so busy judging this woman, you can’t seem to think of other reasons why she was in the position to do what she did?

      • geforce on said:

        No judgment just observation. There is no excuse for putting children in danger. Why do we have to wait until a child actually dies from our short-sightedness to see that what she did was not only poor judgment, but negligence? I raised five children during a time when the only income we had was $875 a month. I had to do a lot of things to make ends meet, but putting them in danger to make a dollar was not one of them.

  6. 06050412 on said:

    Miss Taylor isn’t guilty of killing her kids. She’s trying to preserve the only family she has. Some white police officers feel superior over Black people and glory in the feeling of exhileration they get when they can overpower someone especially a Black woman. The thrill for them is to have us at their mercy and show no mercy. It’s like the lynchings. Same attitude. It’s demonic. We’ve got to deal with this demonic superior attitude that exists in our culture. I suggest teaching God’s love, prayer and legislation.

  7. Black Moses73 on said:

    I understand her poor choice and I can sit and say what she should have or could have done but judging is something I don’t do. What I can say is that if I were her family and friends no longer exist in my life

  8. sondis on said:

    I will donate something towards her legal fees. She is getting mercy from the people, not from the police and justice system.

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  10. VirilisAfricanum on said:

    What I see in this woman’s tears and anger is an outcome. What I cannot know is what series of events led to this outcome; was it an act of desperation on the part of a good mother; was it a sub-par mother, who always put her own needs ahead of her children; was she praying that she would only do this once, asking God to forgive her while she went on a 20 minute interview. It is impossible for me to know what conditions were in place that caused her to make such a fateful decision, but surely she, her children, and to some degree, society, will all be impacted in the end.
    Indeed, the Cop could have been more humane and considered, or verified, the woman’s circumstances. One can only hope that someday the officer’s daughter or granddaughter doesn’t find herself in a similar set of circumstances and need of a small drop of understanding and compassion.

    • sondis on said:

      You notice all the white people that were spewing racial slurs and stereotypes, never responded to my post? They have nothing to say, when it comes to the truth.

  11. Candygirl81 on said:

    You never risk your child’s life for any job. I understand the circumstances, but a hot car? Kids die like that all the time. And 6 mos and two years, another no no. Bad decision. I would have expected someone to call police.

    • Jiggy5 on said:

      Candy 100% right you are. This “give her a break cause’ she’s black” is toxic thinking that has kept us in a self imposed slavery. But I digress, since we are outnumbered Candy. Thanks for your logic and common sense.

      • sondis on said:

        First off, you’re not black, you’re obviously a white person, pretended to be black. Its pathetic that white people have to lie in order to seem, unbiased. You failed miserably!

        Second, who on these comments, said anything remotely close to, “give her a break cause’ she’s black”?

        This gave you away as a white person, being No black person would ever say that and black people would not make it a point to point out, that they are black, when talking about black tropes and black pathologies. Again, you failed miserably at trying to be a black sock puppet as a white person.

        Black sock puppets are commenters who pretend to be black. Most are white racist trolls.

        Red flags:

        Conspicuous Blackness:
        Use of Mock Ebonics. This is pretty much a dead giveaway. Most Black Americans use Standard English in a public, written medium like a blog. Meanwhile, few whites can use Ebonics properly.
        Act to stereotype. They do this to “seem black”, if only to themselves.
        Use a name that seems “black” or “African”, like “Trinidad African” or “Naija Girl”.
        Say they are black in their first comment. You might think this is pretty common among black commenters, but at least on this blog it is not. Most make their race implicit in what they say, not explicit. Presumably because, unlike black sock puppets, they do not feel the need to point out their race or expect it to be doubted.
        Have a stereotyped view of blacks. Particularly one that never seems to go beyond the misrepresentation shown on American television. Most blacks have a broader, more fleshed-out, subtle, ordinary-life view of blacks.
        Push whitewashed opinions. Either by word or by acting to stereotype. There is little point in being a black sock puppet otherwise.
        Trolling. At least on this blog, nearly all trolls have been white. They create disagreements for their own amusement and then make it about winning the argument – because deep down they do not take the subject seriously.

        In short, black sock puppets tend to be trolls who are Conspicuously Black yet whitewashed!

        These behaviours flow from the nature of being a black sock puppet yet are things most black commenters do not do. Any one of them in itself might mean nothing, but two or more together is a bad sign.

        It is possible for a black person to do everything on the list, of course. Some blacks are Conspicuously Black. Some blacks are whitewashed. Some are trolls. Yet it is far more likely that these qualities will come together in a white troll than a black person.

        That said, there are two things to watch out for:

        Judging blackness based on ideology. There are 40 million blacks in America, a billion worldwide. They cover the full range of opinion, from Clarence Thomas to Angela Davis to beyond. There is no ideological purity test.
        Ad hominem fallacy: Arguments stand or fall in the end based on fact and reason, not on who makes them. Even black sock puppets can be right.

        The trouble with black sock puppets is not that they are wrong – sometimes they are right – but that they are arguing in bad faith.

        Commenters and race: Generally speaking, I try not to concern myself with a commenter’s race, particularly since it is nearly impossible to prove over the Internet (and, in any case, letting people self-identify however they want is probably the best policy, online and off). Instead I try to concern myself with their arguments. White racism is wrong no matter whose mouth it comes out of.

      • Jiggy5 on said:

        Sondis, I implore you to watch the movie, based on true story, The Blind Side.


    • sondis on said:

      No thank you, this is the type of movie that white people love to watch and perpetuate. Movies like that are nothing more than, white savor films for white people to feel good about being white by helping poor blacks. Its a way to help cure white people’s white guilt.

      White paternalism is the belief that whites know what is best for people of other races, viewing them pretty much as overgrown children. It is racist since it assumes that whites know better than other races.


      white man’s burden – the duty of whites to help the lesser races. Used in the early 1900s to excuse imperialism.
      white saviour films – where a white hero saves people of colour. “The Blind Side” (2009), “Dangerous Minds” (1995), etc
      Western imperialism – which seeks not just control of land, trade and taxes like most empires, but goes beyond that to remaking subjects in its own image – Westernization.
      American and Australian policy on natives – separating children from their parents to make them white; controlling what little land they have left.
      whites adopting African children – like Madonna and Angelina Jolie.
      white allies – when they go beyond merely helping anti-racist causes to telling people of colour what to do, trying to take over.

      White paternalists love to:

      Point out the success of whites and the failures of blacks – Mugabe, Detroit, white inventions.
      See blacks screw up or act like fools.
      Talk down to blacks.
      Tell blacks that they treat them better than anyone else would.
      Tell blacks, in so many words, that they “saved” them from Africa.

      White paternalists hate it when:

      Blacks are not grateful to them.
      Blacks get angry or say anything bad about whites.

      You see that not just from white commenters on this blog, you see it in how they show blacks on American television. Black crime. Black buffoons. Black pathologies. Screwed-up or helpless black countries.

      White paternalists do not see:

      Their failed record at handling the affairs of people of colour: genocide, slavery, Jim Crow, apartheid, taking their land, taking their children, screwing up their countries – Vietnam, El Salvador, Chile, Gaza, Congo and on and on. They do not see that the most successful non-white country was one of the few countries they were not able to screw up: Japan, which shut out the West for hundreds of years.
      That much of their “success” was based on screwing up the very people they are now supposedly trying to “help”. America was built on Indian land and black slave labour. The West was built on robbing the world through the Spanish, Portuguese, French and British empires. They do not see that they got to where they are through the barrel of a gun. They think it was through “values” or “institutions” or culture or genes.
      That just as whites know what is in their own best interest, so do blacks and Indians and Vietnamese and everyone else. There is nothing special about white people. They point to Mugabe but not to Hitler or Stalin. They point to the black illegitimacy rate when it went over 20%, but not to the white illegitimacy rate when it went over 20%. They point to black street crime but not to Wall Street crime. Etc.

      Whites say, “Where would you be without us?” Wrong: where would they be without us!

      • VirilisAfricanum on said:

        Excellent posts Sondis, you should have your own blog, you have the perfect blend of all the best communicative styles.

      • justiceprevails on said:

        Let’s not forget that white-on-white crime is virtually the same as black-on-black crime.

        Also, white crimes are less likely to make the evening news because whites are 80.5% more likely to “poison” their victims to death (see table 7 of page 12 of Homicide Trends in the U.S.).

        White-on-white crime | Black America Web
        MSNBC host Chris Hayes decided to turn the tables on Fox News’ resident Grand Wizard, Bill O’Reilly, by exposing White-on-White Crime and how White …

        Homicide Trends in the United States, 1980-2008

      • sondis on said:

        This post covers the advanced topic of American crime statistics:

        Whatever White Americans do is normal – no matter how high or low their numbers, they commit crimes at the proper rates. Always. This is a given. Because there is nothing wrong with them. To think otherwise would be racist! They are the measure against which everyone else is judged.
        Racialize crime – blame most of the crime on black people. Even where whites commit most of it. If challenged, make it about the crime rate:
        Crime rate – Where white people commit most of the crimes it is because most people are white. How is that wrong? But if blacks, who are 13% of America, commit more than 13% of any crime, even 14%, it is because there is something wrong with them:
        Higher black crime rates prove Criminal Tendencies – the great thing about statistics is that they seem so objective and yet get rid of all the context: the drug trade, racist policemen and judges, bad policing, racial profiling, poverty, etc. Context only matters when white people do bad stuff. When black people do bad stuff, it is because something is wrong with them. That is not racist, that is just Reality.
        Interracial crime – for added effect compare black-on-white crime to white-on-black crime. This is especially good for rape because of white male sexual insecurities and because the government report is particularly misleading. Black-on-white crime proves what everyone already knows: blacks are out to get whites! No matter how low the absolute numbers.
        Hispanics – If Hispanics are not separated from whites in some statistic point that out and state, without proof, that non-Hispanic whites (True White People) have a lower crime rate.
        Hate crimes – blacks commit most of the hate crimes. Everyone knows it. Except the FBI, whose numbers clearly cannot be trusted.
        Where African statistics are low they are wrong, where they are high repeat them. Rape or murder is low in Senegal? They are bad at recording crime. Do they even have pencils over there? Rape is high in South Africa? It must be right. If anything it is probably understated!
        Genocide, slavery, blah, blah, blah – whites killed tens of millions of people of colour to get to where they are. But if anyone brings that up just say it was too long ago to count, that they need to get over it. Or bring up Rwanda and use that as a fig leaf. Wars past and present are off the books too. So is Wall Street. The only true measure of how violent and immoral a race is are the street crimes they commit in an unjust society that favours one race over another.
        Why blacks disagree – not because you are wrong but because they like to whine and avoid responsibility, are given to emotional Negro thinking and have low IQs. If they had bigger brains and were objective like you, they would see the light – like those Reasonable Negroes they show on television.

  12. sondis on said:

    I am aware that the children were neglected to a small degree. I am not disputing that at all.

    The punishment doesn’t fit the crime, considering the context.

    She should get probation at worst, not charged with child abuse and have her children taken away from her. How is that goes to help her and he children? How is she suppose to get the job, she was applying for now with a criminal record? good job! They really did save those children with the most horrible mother in history. ( end sarcasm )

    I could see if some harm became of the children in the car, then I’d say yes, charge her to the full extent of the law for that crime.

    Her children will be sad that their mother isn’t there and she will be sad that she isn’t with her children. So the state has screwed over another single black mother in the name of child protection.

    There are millions of children that need to be saved from the clutches of abusive mothers and fathers in America, yet all the child protective services across the country, take kids away from loving mothers and fathers over snafus and trivial reasons that can be worked out with a little mediation and assistance from the state.

    This is that one instance, where a mother had no other options at her disposal, so they did what she had to do, not what she wanted to do.

    She Left her children in the car, while she attend a job interview, which probably didn’t take very long.

    I mean she probably was applying for a retail or food services, position. there isn’t really much to go over in a interview for such a low level, entry position.

    I don’t feel it was the, “right” thing to do but i understand, “why” she did it. Its just unfortunate and typical that police and the justice system, shows no compassion for black people, so they throw the book at this single black mother in the name of some fake concern for her black children.

    White people do not care about black children’s welfare in any sense of the word. They use black children in cases like this as a pawn to charge black people with child abuse and neglect. Now, if white people actually did care about black children, their first option wouldn’t always be to take the children away, then charge the parent or parents for the most harshest charges, law allows.

    • Jiggy5 on said:

      This took place in Phoenix, you dolt. Had the police not shown up, they might have been charging her with 2nd degree murder. Deflect the blame on anyone but where it lies, with the fool azz mother. Your racist thinking sickens me sondis.

      • VirilisAfricanum on said:

        Not that Sondis needs any backup (they did a superb job of exposing your foolishness) but why would you attempt to label this person as a Racist….on a predominantly black forum, no less, for stating their views. I suspect you didn’t think the idea through. Just look at your responses, you conclusively proved, beyond a reasonable doubt, everything Sondis said. The sad part of it is, you probably work with “certain types” of blacks everyday…of course that means you “know how they”. Brace yourself for a shocker, but guess what, we aren’t a monolithic group of people; no race or group is. We can’t control how the media constantly presents our image to the world, WE, don’t control most of the media. If we did, we wouldn’t use the same narrative others use to portray us to the world. Wouldn’t be surprised if you were a college professor, or in the social work, or EO/EEO field; you may even have a black spouse. Interesting, folks don’t dislike our athletes, entertainers, domestic and wage grade workers. The ones they really despise are the Thinkers like Sondis; scares the hell out of them, so they viciously go on the attack. Here’s a bit of insight, WE have tolerance for our Lil Waynes and Flava Flave type, but the ones we RESPECT are the Mos Def and Chuck D types.

        Here’s another clue (among the many you left) as to why you were so easily exposed, look at your comments compared to everyone else’s’. WE know the difference, and no, I’ll not share the secret with you.

        You might do better on another type of forum, where you may be a bit more believable, and by the way, less insulting. Suggest you change that ridiculous screen name and go to one of those Hip Hop blogs for the teenagers or ultra right-wing forums might be where you should look for an Amen Corner.

  13. Tina B. on said:

    At least she was going to a job interview and not a crack house. You can clearly see in the picture that this is a mother who is at her “wits end”, and is trying to make a better life for her kids, but is down on her luck, and just needs a little help. It wasn’t a wise decision to leave the kids in the car, but if we’re honest with ourselves “Would she have gotten that job if she would have taken them inside with her to the interview?” We need to be more aware of the needs of the homeless.

    • Yes. She was definitely in a catch 22. But when it comes to the care and protection of children, their safety trumps everything. And you have to question her judgment in leaving them in such a vulnerable position. Even parked in the shade, the temperature could have gotten dangerously hot. And she left them in the Arizona sun. I hope someone does a fair assessment and gives her the help she needs.

      • I believe it was an extremely careless mistake that could have cost the two kids their life. It is sad to think that she could not find ONE person in her life to watch her kids for 20 mins. If she got the job, who would watch her kids all day? It takes two weeks to get a paycheck unless she is paid per day. I think there is something else not being said.

  14. sondis on said:

    White police officers are never merciful, when it comes to black people. There isn’t a degree in which black people break the law, then receive any sort of grace by law enforcement and the justice system.

    So for black people to expect mercy from a system that was designed to oppress and persecute black people, would be unwise at best.

    “Considering her circumstances should the police have been lenient with her?”

    Police, lenient towards black people? that is a oxymoron… leniency is only afforded to white people, via white privilege, through white supremacy.

    • Kathy on said:

      Sondis that is not true. I live in Mobile, AL and am a middle aged black woman. One Sunday morning I was driving down Broad Street and for some reason (I guess it was the fresh Krispy Kreme donuts I had just purchased) I thought the red light had changed but it hadn’t. The light in the lane beside me had changed. I started to go and entered the intersection and then realized it hadn’t and back up again. There was a white cop behind me and much to my dismay he pulled me over! I was going to be late for church and I was singing a solo at a megachurch here in Mobile. I was sure because he was white and I was black and had sort of run the red light, I was going to get a ticket which I COULD NOT AFFORD TO PAY!! (I am a divorced secretary – single mom – trying to get child support from an evasive dead beat dad.). Miraculously, when I began to blabber about being nervous about singing the solo, he showed mercy to me and did not write the ticket. He told me to make sure to do a good job and blessed me in the name of the Lord.

      • Yeah sondis. I hear ya’. But I’ll bet Paula Cooper would beg to differ from you. And so would a lot of other people of color caught up in the system who would still be locked up if not for the herculean efforts of guess who? White people who work within the justice system. Stop thinking like a sheep.

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