For having natural hair

vanessa vandyke interview with local news - vanessa vandyke interview with local news

Vanessa VanDyke liked her poofy natural hairstyle. Other kids at Faith Christian Academy, however, teased her for it. Then the school stepped in and threatened her, saying ‘cut your hair or face expulsion.’ Why take such a hard line? Because they said her hair was ‘distracting.’ Riiiiiight.

Once local news got a hold of the story the school backed down and she wasn’t expelled. But after all that noise, why stay there anyway? Good on her for courage though.

For reporting a security problem

keyboard picture - keyboard picture

Ahmed Al-Khabaz was a computer science student in Montreal at Dawson College. He was working on a school project with a friend when they uncovered a security problem that left students’ personal information exposed. He told the school. They said ‘thanks.’ That’s it for round one.

After a few days he hadn’t heard back so he checked to see if the vulnerability was still there. It was. Doesn’t matter though. The company that makes the shoddy software reported his breach to the school and they expelled him in a faculty meeting by a vote of 14-1 without his ability to speak on his own behalf. If Ahmed’s name was Skipper McWhitefellow do you think he would have suffered in the same way?

For being gay

danielle powell expelled - danielle powell expelled

Danielle Powell was damn near minutes from receiving her diploma when Grace University faculty found out about her lesbian relationship. She was unceremoniously expelled and was charged $6,300 to pay back her tuition for that semester because they found her in breach of a certain immorality clause that the religious school holds students accountable to. Danielle is fighting to have the debt rescinded, but something tells me that people like this don’t have grace in their heart.

For refusing to wear an RFID chip

rfid chip picture - rfid chip picture

A couple of middle schools in San Antonio, Texas, decided to start making their students wear an RFID chip necklace which would be used to track their location throughout the school. Andrea Hernandez, with the backing of her parents, refused on religious and privacy infringement grounds. After she was expelled, the family got civil liberties lawyers involved to prevent her from having to go to another school.

You can appreciate her stand, for sure, but you can bet that half of those kids disabled those stupid things within minutes of getting them.

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5 thoughts on “Kid Expelled For Organizing Student Walkout Due To Lack Of Homework

  1. Jiggy maybe you and your crew would be happy to go without homework. More power to you!! But this kid, knowledgeable and fearless, spoke up because he, like me and the kids I went to school knows that education is important. You see a “mind is a terrible thing to waste.” :::)))

    • Jiggy5 on said:

      When our people stop acting the fool, the Scholar will gladly shout out some praises. The Scholar has been waiting 30+ years to spread that love.
      Holla’ at the Scholar

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