Think for a moment: How many interviews have you seen the President give to black journalists or black news organizations? Not many. Wednesday, the “NewsOne Now” panel began a discussion about the difficulty of covering the first black President for black publications. Panelist George Curry took the conversation further by saying that the Obama administration puts pressure on the black press and outright “doesn’t respect” it.

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18 thoughts on “‘NewsOne Now’ Panel Says Obama Doesn’t Respect Black Press

  1. Belita R. T. Franklin on said:

    President Obama, members of his administration, the Office of Special Counsel, Merit Systems Protection Board, Justice Department, Office of Personnel Management/Federal Investigations Service, EEO & Civil Rights Center, many congressional representatives, and Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez have full knowledge of the egregious activities which involve blatant discriminatory practices within the Department of Labor’s Energy Employees’ Occupational Illness Compensation Program involving veterans, disabled veterans, and specifically African American, yet, do nothing and allow a Caucasian male who does not the educational background or experience as a director to practice Jim Crow. This has been in effect since this male has been in the position. This issue makes what happened to Shirley Sherrod and Marsha Coleman Adebayo ‘moot,’ but those in the know, know those situations, indeed, were unjustified. President Barack Hussein Obama is doing what he was contracted to do by the 0.5%: NOTHING!

  2. President Obama is like any other politician who will use and appease whoever he needs to at the moment to get what he wants done. You must also remember that the president is down with whoever can help at the time. For example, Rev Wright — married the president, baptized his daughters, attended his church for 20 years, but when things got hot he got thrown under the bus. His grandmother raised him, but when he was asked what kind of woman she was, he said she was a typical white racist? You have to honor those who raised you, however imperfect they may be. Especially, if their nurturing and financial resources are the main reason you are where you are today.
    The black press and blacks in general should not be upset with the lack of access to the president. He will call you when he needs you in order to support him or the next democrat who really has the interest of blacks at heart –Wink, Wink.
    Unfortunately, the democrats have blacks on lock so whether or not they meet their needs or keep their promises they will still get 89 to 95% of the black vote. It has nothing to do with President Obama, any democrat will do.
    If Obama wasn’t president, we would be ‘marching on the White House’ — CBC Chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) – In response to black unemployment rate.

  3. iann11 on said:

    Are you kidding me? This Man has a Country to run with some major issues!!! Why would he take the time to single out a certain segment of the press, when this is the United States of America, not The United States of Black America! I so understand why he would not participate in divisive news outlets. Why? It isn’t like the so called black press is doing ANYTHING for the black community!!! Look at crime in the black community, Look at the killings in the black community, Look at the drug situation in the black communities, Look at the drop out rates in the black communities, etc,etc,etc. What does the black press do about it???? NOTHING but report on it just like all of the OTHER press!!!!! I’m sure The President of The UNITED STATES wouldn’t even think twice about throwing a bone to divisive reporting!!!,

    • VirilisAfricanum on said:

      Indeed, this man does have a country to run; the results of which, only time will tell. You are correct, he must consider all it’s citizens, however, I think it’s painfully obvious, at least in the opinion of the black press, whom he prefers to pander to, that is, unless he needs something from them, i.e.candidate backing/support, help pushing healthcare agenda, etc…. Can’t argue with the facts, nothing cloak and dagger here, it’s all out in the public square and everyone can see it. It appears your agenda is really with BAW and you thoughts about a perceived divisiveness they have in their format. Might I suggest, switching to another source. P.S. The black press has backed him at every step, now they just want a little reciprocity, who can blame them.

    • Demp109 on said:

      iann11, I totally agree with your comments about the Black press. They are followers of the mainstream media when it comes to Black issues. They whine about issues that we need to take care of. The government, president nor anyone else will solve the issues you comment about. Black print and radio have a bad habit of bashed black men and women all too often. Have you ever listened to the Doug Banks show? It makes me sick to my stomach when I hear the questions they present topics such as, what’s wrong with black men or black women, what’s wrong with black fathers, what’s wrong with black mothers! I had to stop listening to them because it’s poison. Sharpton’s show is embarrassing…The Root????? Where is the fresh conversation about the future and not the past? The media is stuck in Black and White news, which is not the most pressing news in our community. Whew, thanks for letting me rant!

      • iann11 on said:

        Demp109, Thank you very much! I so agree with your analysis also. We’ve got a lot of work to do my friend!!!

    • VirilisAfricanum on said:

      Interesting observation, but with regards to ratings/survival of the outlet, I think they have to unfortunately use the Big-Tent approach by biting the bullet and putting a bunch of crap on mixed with some serious issues (I’m not sure if it’s a 50-50 mix or not). Let’s face it, some of our folks love the singing, dancing, prancing, comedy, and sports stuff. Every family has “the type”. We all have the family member that’s about the flash…form, over substance. It’s probably more of a necessary evil to put, as you say, “the crap” on; not to say its right.

  4. joe Valdez on said:

    President Obama is all About Obama , his legacy and will stop at nothing including using Blacks. His legacy is that He Was “The First Gay President” he gave more to gays , homosexuals, and lesbians for one reason $ money and Votes . Homosexuals as a group are rich predominently White Upper Middle Class, Black “Upitty ” Homosexuals used by Whites to do the dirty work for them .

    • VirilisAfricanum on said:

      I don’t think anyone could top that summation. You need your own Twtr or YT channel. I suspect that you may have articulated what a lot of people may have been thinking. 5 years, lingering unemployment, immigration, weak economy, etc…and what have been the major accomplishments-surely not the emphasis on the issues I just mentioned. What every happened to the Shovel-ready projects of the campaign?

  5. Debbie on said:

    POTUS is mixed!!! STOP saying first black, we have not gotten that one yet. Not to sure why so many black people were expecting so much from him. He doesn’t even come from us. This man comes from white people, was raised by white people and have a lot of white people views. He got his blackness when he got with Michelle. I voted for him because he did not look like the others but I really didn’t expect much of him.

    • Jiggy5 on said:

      Voted because the way he looked……black. Absolutely pathetic that you have no concept of political topics, stances, or policy. Get out my face before I slap you. What a waste of the privilege to vote.

      • Demp109 on said:

        Go and slap the tea party and republicans who voted because of the way he looked! Holla’

    • VirilisAfricanum on said:

      Debbie, you raise interesting points and observation about how one’s upbringing shapes their views and how that, in turn, affects how they choose to interact and respond to people and situations. Thanks for the enlightenment!

  6. Demp109 on said:

    I totally agreee. Unless Blacks are singing, dancing or playing sports, the average middle class VOTER is taken for granted. Has he ever spoken or had a town hall at one of the historically Black colleges? We’re still waiting..

    • VirilisAfricanum on said:

      Demp109, I agree with everything you said, but the last part about speaking to black audiences. He has done so, but it has always been in a condescending manner, a judgmental tone, a pandering wanna-be preacher style, or singing Al Green, because, all blacks like Al Green I guess. I think if you go go and listen to all the YouTubes of him talking to black audiences & groups, he says things like “stop complaining; go back to your Barber shops and hair salons (and deliver my messages); kids can’t all be Lil Wayne or LeBron James (cause we all like basketball and Rap). He’s talked to the CongrBlckCauc, NAACP, and some HBCUs, but it’s always been the same awkward way of getting his well internment ironed message of self improvement across that I don’t think he gets. No telling what he saw in Chicago that influenced his method of delivery.

      • VirilisAfricanum on said:

        Sorry for the typo, I meant to type” his well- intentioned message”

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