Bobbi Kristina Brown, who just turned 21 and inherited $2 million of her mother’s estimated $20 million fortune posted a few pics to her Instagram and Twitter accounts while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas with her new husband, Nick Gordon. Brown probably wasn’t expected the response she got. In the bikini pics, Brown looks much thinner than she has in the past, leading many social media users to question why.


Bobbi Kristina tweeted back at critics saying she is her mother’s daughter and has a “fast metabolism.” Do you believe her?

(Photo: Bobbi Kristina Brown Twitter).

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17 thoughts on “WHOA!: Is Bobbi Kris Too Thin? [PHOTO]

  1. who knows. But as it turned out, that when her mother claimed she had a “high” metabolism, it really turned out to be a substance abuse problem. Don’t know if that’s the case here, but looks awfully strange.

  2. babygirl on said:

    She doesn’t look well at all! All we can do is pray for this young women, she is floundering like a fish out of water and no one can heal the pain she is in for the lost of her mother but God!! Pray for her!!

  3. Paris on said:

    Her body type does look like her mother’s. Her face looks too thin but her arms and legs don’t look like she lost an excessive amount of weight. I think she really needs to stop seeking the spotlight.

  4. Tina B. on said:

    Am I the only one that remembers the “pretty plump” little girl she was? Where was that fast metabolism then? Someone needs to help this child before she ends up seeing her mom sooner than planned. She is clearly not doing well.

  5. She may be her mother’s daughter, but she definitely got her unfortunate looks from her father. The only time I ever saw Whitney looking like an uber thin waif was when she on stage, cracked out, trying to sing as if no one would notice her legs and arms looking like toothpicks. This child looks a hot mess.

    • Sassee on said:

      The only sensible comment on here…but thats our race for u..attack destroy kill and hate…everyone can not be fat everyone can not be skinny..thinking the worst first is NEGATIVE

  6. msyellarose on said:

    Someone please stage an intervention here. She said it herself; she IS her mother’s daughter…and look what happened to her mother. Save this kid before she ends up in the ground too.

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