It’s not cute to be a cheapskate!

But Tamar Braxton is facing rumors she is one — not paying her employees very well or at all! Braxton is of course denying these rumors.

She’s been accused on multiple occasions of not paying employees.

Braxton also  fired an employee via Instagram  – her former stylist told Funky Dineva she requested a contract agreement from Braxton and she flipped on her!

And Braxton posted all about her frustrated with the fired employee.

“U can always tell when someone gets caught lying,” she said in a tweetgram. “They get quiet as a chuch mouse. #onlytrustJesus.”

It was captioned “#dontbitethehandthatfeedsyou #thistweetisaboutyou

One thought on “Tamar Braxton Denies Rumors She’s Not Paying Her Team

  1. What do you mean! Not paying someone and not paying them very well is two different things. However, I personally don’t believe either one. There is a price from the start agreed upon. Tamar, this is an attempt to try and bring down your business and worth. Truth stands alone and does not need a defense. If someone really has been cheated out of a job. We have s system in place in America to handle those type of cases. Spreading lies won’t kill her image. Tamar is most authentic!!!

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