It looks like Keyshia Cole is joining the likes of Rihanna and other celebs who like to clap back at their fans on Twitter.

The “I Should Have Cheated” singer,who is rumored to be on the last leg of her marriage to NBA star Daniel Gibson, recently snapped on a fan who simply offered her words of encouragement.

@KeyshiaCole Remember that you stood before God,” the user tweeted. “I know everyone talking about ‘She hurt, that album is going to be hot.’ This is your life. Fight.”

Keyshia’s response? “Don’t get blocked,” she wrote.

After the fan realized Keysh took offense to her positive words, she quickly issued an apology. “I apologize. I didn’t mean to offend you or your family,” she posted. “Again, I apologize.”

Keyshia eventually accepted the apology. “It’s all G,” she replied. “You just have no idea what you’re speaking on, love.”

We know the 32-year-old superstar has been going through a lot lately  and apparently she’s still very on edge. But, was this reaction was necessary? Did she overact? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole Pops Off At Fan Who Offers Words Of Encouragement

  1. Toni on said:

    Keyshia, should just be herself and not harsh , we all have problems, I think she should just concentrate on putting out more beautiful music, nobody knows what she’s feeling, only keysia quit guessing about her life, and just enjoy the music. People should just stop judging other all the time, and be grateful for what you have

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