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02/17/14- Roland Martin talks with Attorney Ben Crump about the Michael Dunn verdict and why “Stand Your Ground” laws need to be dismantled. Plus, he gives us his opinion on George Zimmerman’s claims of homelessness and PTSD.

The “Moral Monday March” will be held on March 3, 2014 in Jacksonville, Florida in protest of the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

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37 thoughts on “Attorney Crump: ‘Even Though [Michael Dunn] is Off the Streets, Our Justice System Still Let Him Escape’

  1. Got it….Another slug killed an unarmed Black youth and now Black America is upset here comes the endless words about inequality and racism. Black America has mastered the art of drama and righteous tears no other group in America can express the reality of inequity like a nation of negroes and colored folks we have it down to an art almost a science.

    Yet into this chamber of victimhood noise the silence regarding our worship, love for the sanctity of Black life is hollow. We have failed in convincing whites and even others of color how valuable and important our lives are. We have failed our own communities in calculating how precious and valuable our lives are.

    Yep my rant is not about the tired racial politics about Black on Black crime nor the endless debates on equality. Today I remind myself again how wonderful and awesome the aspect of being alive is. The sanctity of life is my prayer this universal truth is going to stop the killing …..

  2. Manof T, Veritas on said:

    If we followed Mr. Dunn’s logic, then every Black Male in Florida would be completely justified in shooting every White Male they encountered, using the following reasoning: I, being Black, saw him (White Male) as a threat because, I perceived, that he perceived, me as threat to him. So In self defense, I shot him first.When would it end. An innocent life was taken here. Not a Black life or a White life, but a Human life. Clearly this was Murder, not just the firing of a Missile(WTF) into an inanimate object. Are the life’s of our young Black men of no more value than Clay pigeons in a skeet shoot. Once again the Prosecuting Attorneys and the Jury in Florida failed! They allowed, once again, the Victim ( Trayvon and Jordan) to be put on trial and gave the Criminal (Zimmerman and Dunn) the benefit of doubt. This is Justice for Just Us!

  3. We should stop putting Our faith in this Criminal Injustice System!!!! We need to change the system from the point of arrest such as a citizen committee should oversee the police department and address the police and manner in which they react with the public. We must change the jury system and the prosecution because the system does not represent black victims adequate.

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  5. You internet trolls : ian11, jiggy5, jancorey, joe valdez really need to reevaluate your lives. You come on to Black websites sometimes pretending to be black to leave disrespectful post for what? I don’t know if you are aware or not but Black people don’t respect nor want to hear what you have to say it really is starting to get embarrassing. Nobody takes your comments seriously its clear that your just trolls please go find somewhere else to play.

    • JanCorey on said:

      Aaron, we did some checking after your last post/rant/racist-attack and we found that you are unable to allow facts to over-ride your confusions/ignorance and have successfully-confirmed that you are a troll and what was most interesting was that you never completed high-school which reflects in your attacks against others that are better-informed than yourself. You, collectively, have our most sincere and deepest apologizes for your inept inability to follow other people’s opinions and the facts of this case.

      • LOL I actually graduated from college try again troll. You know some Black people do complete higher levels of education.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Aaron, I agree that you appear to be a troll and as a troll, it remains highly unlikely that anything you state is even close to the truth, so the real-educated-people here will have to agree to disagree with your trollish-comments and racist-remarks.

      • JanCorey on said:

        No one got worked up over you being a troll, but the facts of the case clearly still appears to confuse you and other trolls. How soon on the Appeals? He’ll likely walk on those.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Aaron, you proved you are a troll, you never even mentioned the post-topic in your rants, it must be difficult for you to be so slow. And, your affection of Dunn is also noted.

  6. Anthony on said:

    HR Bill 2014-TBD

    All black youth between the ages of 14 and 20 shall be permitted to carry a concealed weapon and defend themselves when circumstances warrant such actions. Circumstances that may warrant such
    actions include, but are not limited to;

    (a) Residing in a State governed by a Republican Legislature and/or Governor and whereas concealed weapons are permitted.
    (b) Residing in a State where a version of Stand Your Ground Legislation is State Law.

    Defensive actions shall be permitted under the perception of threat and when an instrument of assault is in the possession of Republican white males between the ages of 16 and 72.

  7. Honestly on said:

    You cave n!@@ers can go to hell! and that’s to good for you. This was not justice two black children murdered by racist bastards and no one held accountable. You mayonnaise monkeys should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  8. I totally agree with Mr. Crump. Angela Corey and her team should be fired. They are 0 for 2. I’m not giving them kudos just yet. Dunn was convicted on his stupidity. Shooting at a fleeing car. Not hard to find him guilty on that. They do not know how to try a case involving the “elephant in the room”. They are used to trying the opposite. This man should have been convicted on all counts and the fact that someone on that jury believed in Mr. Dunn, shows that there is a serious problem with them and also the prosecutors trying the case. This could have easily been a considered a hate crime, had the State wanted to, but they are so scared. When I saw John Guy again, I was in total disbelief, and Erin Wolfson didn’t fair any better in my opinion. As far as Dunn spending 60 – 75 years in jail, okay, GREAT, but a life was lost and as a mother, I would want him to be tried for the murder of my child. I would want it on the books. In saying justice was served, yeah, it was for the other three boys, but not for Jordan. He was a person, someone’s child, nephew, brother, friend, and his life meant something. His life and his death should not be dismissed because Michael Dunn was convicted of other charges and will die in prison. Jordan’s family deserves their day of reckoning with Michael Dunn, and then and only then will they get closure.

  9. Even though he was convicted on the other charges, we still need a conviction on the murder charge. When I saw the make up of the jury I knew that with 4 white men and 4 white woment on the jury, he would not be convicted of the murder. I’m glad that the others did not bow to pressure, yes I’m assuminh who cast what vote but, I think I guess pretty well.

    I’m glad that he will be tried again on the murder charge, but the prosecution needs to step up her game an present the case a littel better…….by end the the jury has the last say……..

  10. They didn’t convict on the murder charge in an attempt to protect that terrible stand your ground law also since when is it good enough to be convicted on some charges? The man should be facing the death penalty this was not justice.

  11. VBucGreen on said:

    What some of you failed to understand is that Dunn got away with murder, although he will served jail time on the other charges. No one has the right to take another life because one think that music, music of all things are to loud.

    • I don’t think being sentenced to 60-75 years in jail, is getting away with murder! The man was convicted and will never see the light of day on the outside again. I’m happy about, Finally a conviction!!!!!

      • How can you say he got away with murder, when he will spend the rest of his life behind bars!!!!! SMDH!!!!!

  12. Larry Muldrow on said:

    Whole Up!!!!!!!!!!!!! What if those counts that Dunn was convicted of is thrown out on appeal. We need to retry him on the murder charges. Thank god there were 2 Blacks on that Jury, because I believe he
    would have walked free of the murder charge and there would have been book deals given to the other whites on the jury and they would have said, ” well he’s getting 60 years in prison for the attempted murder charges, so what difference does it make if he was found not guilty of the murder charge”. There needs to be more black prosecutors that are able to relate to young black men and their experiences and we need more blacks to step up and attend the jury selection process when they are called and not try to skip out.

    • The man has been found guilty and will be sentenced to 60-75 years in jail on March 24th. Justice has been served ,move on Please!!!!!!!

  13. I disagree with Mr. Crump, the jury, which by the way included black, Hispanic and Asian members, found Michael Dunn guilty and he will serve 60-75 years in jail, how is that not justice???? The man will spend the rest of his life in jail, thank God! He is not free to go out and do this again. And I’m sure the Davis family will sue Michael Dunn in civil court and will win millions. The man has been convicted and his life’thank God’ will never be the same! Now let’s move on with our lives, we got justice. This time!

    • Anthony on said:

      If you don’t understand why the Michael Dunn verdict is not justice; than you are incapable of understanding what justice is and is not and to try to make you understand would be a waste of time.

      • Look, whoever you are, the jury found this Animal guilty and he will never get out of prison, it’s the same thing as if he would’ve been found guilty of 1st degree murder , Life behind bars. And if you can’t understand that, that’s SAD!!!!

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