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Google posted a “Google Doodle” of Harriet Tubman for Black History Month and as soon as I saw it, I was proud. It displayed a cartoon version of Harriet, holding a lantern. What was mean to be an iconic image, catalyzing a declaration of pride, outrage spread across the internet as people began sharing the striking image. But it was Nick Cannon’s Instagram of disdain that gained the most attention.

“Really Google??? This is the way we are kicking off Black History Month. #UndergroundSearchEngine #WhoApprovedThis #WhySheRockingALouieVscarf #AmIJustBeingSensitive #FeelingSomeTypeOfWay #RacistMuch”

TMZ is reporting that Google doesn’t think it did anything wrong. And sources claim that Google did not remove Harriet Tubman from the Doodle “early” to moderate backlash after Nick’s social media outburst. Apparently, all Google Doodles stay up for 24-hours and Harriet was up for that amount of time. So Nick Cannon does not get to be the man who single-handedly battled nonexistent racism.

Hey Nick Cannon–this is what Harriet Tubman looks like, soooo…there’s no racism in the cartoon. Slaves looked like slaves, so the Doodle is pretty accurate.


Harriet Tubman, a Civil War abolitionist, is credited with rescuing more than 300 slaves via the Underground Railroad after she herself escaped from slavery, and began her life as a free woman in Philadelphia in 1849.

My biggest question is–Black History Month is a short month, and there’s enough amazing Black history to offer an entire month of inspirational Google Doodles. There is no Google Doodle at all today, nor was there one yesterday or the day before. Now that is something worth complaining over.

Are you offended by Harriet Tubman’s Google Doodle or proud?


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