If you watched the very end of tonight’s Love & Hip Hop Reunion then you already know what we’re talking about! We hate to say we told you so…but….WE TOLD YOU SO! As we previously reported there were all sorts of signs out here in these Love & Hip Hop streets that had us thinking that Amina was pregnant and for the love of Peter Pankey now we know it’s true! Amina Buddafly is with caterpillar!

Peter Gunz….if your goal was ever to out do Stevie J….congratulations sir…check and mate!

But in all seriousness we send them the very best of wishes and luck because regardless of how they came about being together…together is what they are. And they have a new little life on the way that deserves all of us to send our positive vibes their way.

We do however wonder how Amina will answer the question that Mo’Nique posed to her. Is she afraid of becoming Tara in 13 years?

Guess we gotta tune in next week.

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