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Jeez, athletes and their baby mama drama!

The Houston Texans player Arian Foster is under fire for harassing an old flame who’s pregnant with his child.

Foster wants a woman named Brittany Norwood to abort their unborn child, and she’s striking back with a lawsuit.

In a TMZ photo, a very pregnant Brittany is pictured at 17 weeks. But it makes perfect sense, right, for Foster to be so cruel since he’s married to another woman!


Nevertheless, Brittany won’t be silenced. She’s suing Foster for child support and emotional distress, and is obtaining a restraining order against him.

According to TMZ, the suit says Brittany was approached by Foster’s brother with, “If you love [Arian] so much you would get an abortion.”

Brittany says the baby is due in June, and she’s inquired a DNA test that says it’s 99.9% sure Foster is the father.

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(Photo: AP)

5 thoughts on “NFL Player Arian Foster Tries to Force Abortion, Woman Files Suit

  1. He gets exactly what he deserves, it is not difficult to do what is right; people make choices and Foster made his when he decided to unzip his pants. Some athletes are always picking up trailer trash and some even have the nerve to marry them. What makes Foster think, he can force his lay over to abort their baby? Foster paid up and shut up.

  2. He’s stupid. I see that he apparently has a fixation on the white p!@#y because his wife is white too. The big dummy. When you are a rich, athletic and handsome professional athlete, it’s hard to turn down the p!@#y. You have the groupies waiting for you at the airport, hotel (They often know what hotel the visiting team stays at.), outside the locker room and every which where! It’s easy to say no to p!@#y once but if you’re a young man with blood full of testosterone and balls full of c!m, it’s hard to say no 1000 times a day. That being said, he’s still a big dummy and he got what he worked so hard for! (And the woman is doing the “right” thing [for her bank account] by turning her p!@#y into an ATM machine.) Who is the next sports star to be caught with his pants down and his d!@k balls deep in forbidden p!@#y? We’ll read about it tomorrow or next week!

  3. redbone1954 on said:

    These ignorant atheles need to take several seats. They are sooooooo stupid maybe he is suffering from too many hits to his head. She looks like trailor trash!

  4. hawkeye30 on said:

    STUUUUpid ass!!!! Why would you go raw up in these Skanks!!!! These same chicks you can see them at every event where there is some type of celeb trying to get it in!!! So Sad.

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