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Leave it to TMZ  to dig up the dirt.

They may not have gotten the scoop on the birth of Dwyane Wade‘s newborn son, but they found out WHO the baby mama is … and the baby’s name!

The news/gossip site got a copy of the birth certificate for Wade’s brand new son shows his name is Xavier Zechariah Wade and as we reported, he was born last month.

Specifically, we now know the baby boy was born in Los Angeles on November 10, 2013. If our math is correct, that would be six weeks before Wade proposed to actress Gabrielle Union, who he’s been dating since 2009.

Of course, the birth certificate reveals the mother’s name, 30-year-old Aja Metoyer (pictured  below). She has two other children. Metoyer did not list Wade as the father on the birth certificate, but she did give the child Dwyane’s last name.


As we previously reported, Wade visited his son while he was in L.A. to play the Lakers on Christmas Day.

(Photo: AP)

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17 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade’s Baby Son and Baby Mama Names Revealed in Birth Certificate + Photo of Mom

  1. Wow! I am not happy in Wade first of all and Gab your rep is being distroyed by this guy you don ‘t need this you look needy I am sure there alot of guy out here you could make you very happy Hey we know that its D Wade but he’s a dog…And what happy to the sister hood I don’t here you what up with that…And what about last year image Award on BET or NAACP awards What up with that

  2. This is just NASTY people do not care who they sleep with and not to use protection. If
    D. Wade have any values or morals, he should share joint custody of his two sons by his ex-wife. It was BOGUS anyway how he used his money to take the children from Siovaughn.

  3. People are really funny. Black America Web didn’t have a problem spinning and spinning a negative story about Fantasia repeatedly and her drama but I haven’t seen one negative story on this site about the Dwyane Wade drama. Hmmmm! Also, give some credit to Media TakeOut because I read the story on their website first awhile back and the disclosure of the woman Wade had sex with. However, Media TakeOut did not give names but gave all the clues leading to Dwyane and Gabrielle. The mother of Wade’s baby was identified as the mother of two other children with the son of Damon Wayans. Media TakeOut also stated that this ridiculous story about them (Wade and Gabrielle) taking a break would be reported as well for a public cover up. Then Wade pops the question. Nothing organic whatsoever about this relationship. Gabrielle must be a real opportunist like it’s been reported time and time again. Gabrielle has been linked to married men and also for being a mean girl. Don’t give her a pass on this one. Don’t give Wade a pass either. Neither of the two are any better than any other entertainer. For the two of them to try and clean up this nasty mess says a lot about their morals and character. Love has nothing to do with this. All I can say is “WOW”.

    • I wish there was a “Like” button for posts because u hit it dead on. BAW does seemed a little biased sometimes towards women by holding them to higher stand for their bad behavior, while at the same time going easy on men or giving them a pass altogether for the same or similar offenses.

  4. It’s ashame he didn’t care enough about Gabby or hineslf to at least use protection. Also I don’t buy this ‘conceived during a break in pur relationship’ bit. The so called ‘break’ probably never happened and was probably thought as pr after the found out she was pregnant. Either way, he lacks respect for her to sleep with someone else even if there was a break and to not use protection.

  5. Dewayne is not going to stop having affairs because of the careers he has and Gabrielle has. So, I guess you know his ex was kind of telling the truth.

  6. Wildflower on said:

    These people are all grown and they have the right to live their lives as they so choose. I’m sure there are people judging some of the decisions you all have made in your lives. I wish them all well, at least they’re creating life and not out there wiling and taking lives.

    • SayWhat on said:

      I once overheard two women talking and one of the women said no woman should go hungry as long as she has a built in bank. I didn’t understand what her statement meant then but boy do I understand the meaning of the woman’s statement now. I guess the baby’s mother know what it means to have babies by men with money. She’s using her womb like a built in piggybank.

    • RENO2AC on said:

      One of life’s greatest mysteries to me is why don’t people practice safe sex as opposed to “raw dogging.” I just don’t understand it, especially if you are NOT in a committed relationship with the person.

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