The death of Michael Jackson is still having a negative effect on the people who were involved with him both professionally and personally. After a judge cleared concert promotion company AEG Live of any wrongdoing in the death of the King of Pop, his mother Katherine Jackson has requested a new trial. Obviously, AEG Live is taking issue with her request.

According to AEG Live, Katherine Jackson’s request for a new trial is making a mockery of the legal system and wasting everyone’s time in the process. Katherine Jackson asked for a new trial because she believes jurors were tricked into believing they couldn’t hold AEG responsible for Michael Jackson’s death after Conrad Murray was already convicted for the crime despite AEG being the ones who hired Murray in the first place.

Jackson argues that AEG Live should still be held responsible for MJ’s death because in spite of Conrad Murray being deemed competent at the time he was hired, they should’ve fired him when they saw Murray was beginning to act recklessly when it came to prescribing drugs for Michael Jackson.

AEG Live says Mother Jackson is just a desperate woman making a pathetic money grab. They also say that the instructions the jury was given were very clear and taken right from the California Civil Jury guide book.

The case is set to go back in front of a judge on January 3 where the judge will decide if Katherine Jackson will get a new trial.

4 thoughts on “AEG Live Slams Katherine Jackson’s Request For New Wrongful Death Trial

  1. sosickofyou on said:

    One dam thing for sure, Katherine Jackson is selfish to a needy situation! Yah, she look like that old school mama, but yah, she not giving up nothing witnessing proof!

  2. I think it’s a situation of the Jackson’s attorneys trying to get paid more money. The more the attorneys stay involved; the more they get paid. They’re probably the ones pushing the lawsuit. Miss Jackson needs to take a seat, enjoy life, and stop being manipulated.

  3. I think she needs to stop right now!!! She should have done something in the 1980’s with Michael and his drug problem. Had Michael stayed with Joseph, none of this would of happened. I don’t think Joe was a bad dude. We need more of him in this day and time.

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