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It can’t be easy being a Victoria’s Secret model. You have to keep your body toned and tight, as you’re walking around in lingerie. You must get cold in public with just a bra and panties on, not to mention the high heels or thigh-high boots you must be able to stroll in as though they are as comfortable as your favorite sneakers. Fortunately, model Selita Ebanks does all these things with ease, making her one of VS’s top Black models for almost a decade. The Cayman Islands born Ebanks has moved into acting in the last few years, appearing on How I Met Your Mother, Celebrity Apprentice, South Beach and recently on The Real Husbands of Hollywood with former fiancé Nick Cannon, now married to Mariah Carey.

Ebanks says working with Cannon was no problem. “It wasn’t awkward for me at all,” she told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “It was almost ten years ago. I’m a grown woman now, you were young and you made crazy decisions. It was great. I really look up to Nick and admire his hard work and business decisions.” Ebanks said she’d love to go back on Celebrity Apprentice after being booted from the show in Week Five in 2010.

“I want to go back on that show. I’m a little bit more of a hard-ass these days. I’m not afraid to voice my opinion. If I went back on there I wouldn’t be as sweet. I went on there with a mission to raise money for my charity and that’s what I did. I wasn’t really interested in all the reality TV hoopla and nonsense and back and forth but I definitely if I had an opportunity to go back on it now, I wouldn’t allow those women to throw me under the bus in the boardroom. That wouldn’t happen today.”

Ebanks, who is 30, (she turns 31 in February) which is old age for most models, says that acting has always been her primary goal. She started modeling in her late teens after being discovered at Great Adventure theme park in New Jersey. She’s done hosting as well, but acting is what she has grown to love. While there are probably still some VS ads in her future, she wants to evolve into an actress.

“Hosting is actually way harder. I don’t know how you guys do it, interviewing and trying to get into a person’s head. It’s very hard. Just give me my lines and let me go off script just here and there. But I love that. I love transforming and just being someone else. It’s almost therapeutic.”

If you think Real Husbands is scripted, well, it is, but they go off script a LOT, Ebanks says.

“I knew my lines and everyone else’s lines but then I got to set…,” she laughs. “I was confused. I was like ‘Are we rehearsing?’ Everybody had to explain to me that this is comedy.You just have to go with it. I could take all kinds of classes but nothing could compare to working with that amazing set of actors. Even an improv class could not prepare you.”

Ebanks is also hosting Celebrity Grounds, a show she describes as a combination of Cribs and Extreme Home Makeover. She’s doing a Kickstarter campaign for the show, set to air on NBC. Ebanks and her partners have a distribution deal in place, but she wants to own the show. You can help Ebanks’ goal by heading here.

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