Kim Kardashian Pulled Over For Trying To Evade Paparazzi


Kim Kardashian and her future hubby Kanye West are constantly stalked by paparazzi and like her cantankerous fiance, Kim is growing tired of the flashing lights. Kimmy Cakes was pulled over in L.A. for speeding because she was trying to evade five paparazzi cars and a helicopter, reports TMZ.

When Kim was stopped, the overzealous photogs jumped out of their cars in the middle of the highway and began snapping away. Law enforcement officers were allegedly upset over the ordeal because someone could have been hurt. Kim was issued a citation.

Well at least she didn’t punch anybody…

In other Kim K news, she and North West are laughing out loud at the haters. She posted these super adorable pics of North on her Instagram page:

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