1. Are you giving more faith to your fears than your dreams?

Believe in yourself and the power of your dreams. Recognize that fear is a manifestation of insecurity and worry.

2. Are you settling?

Look at every area of your life — your relationships, your career, your financial situation, your health, your environment and identify any areas where you are settling.

3. Are you listening to your body?

 Your body will tell you when you are hungry or tired, and when it is time to relax or else get out and move and sweat.

4. Are you your own best friend?

Learn to trust your heart and become your own best friend.

5. Are you accepting others, including yourself, for who they are not who you want them to be?

Many of us try to change people, or to change things in the world that don’t fit or make sense to us. Be gentle with this process; accepting people for who they are will help you attain lasting inner peace.

6. Are you enjoying the journey and releasing your expectations of the destination?

The magic is in this moment; let your goals drive you, but do not let them define you. The journey is where the fun is, so give yourself time to be present in this moment because this moment is all we will ever have.


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