Animal lovers can’t get past Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick’s former dogfighting scandal.

Unfortunately it put him at the top of’s most hated NFL players list. It’s a fair assessment; the guy did kill up a bunch of pitbulls in his backyard.  But Vick has been on his best behavior lately.

More than four years after his 19-month stint in federal prison for his role in a dogfighting ring, Vick has stayed on the right side of the law, regaining his NFL career and many lucrative endorsement deals in the process.

Hell, he’s even a dog owner again (oh, the irony).

But none of that prevented the now-injured pass thrower from being selected numero uno by unforgiving football fans, based on the latest surveys from E-Poll Market Research.

The scientific surveys polled 1,100 people ages 13 and older, and 53% of them indicated dislike for Vick. According to Forbes, it’s more the casual fan, rather than the hardcore football junkies, who are having a hard time separating Vick from his controversial past.

Oh, did we mention he’s black? Apparently it’s okay for white men to race horses, dogs and shoot innocent forest animals in cold blood. Where’s the poll on that? Just a thought.

Meanwhile, the same problem may be plaguing Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger (tied for fourth at 40%) and Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush (10th at 22%), both of whom have experienced off-field troubles in the past but nothing recently.

San Diego Chargers  rookie Manti Te’o took second with 48% disapproval, with folks probably still suffering overload from his fake girlfriend ordeal at Notre Dame. Detroit Lioons defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who has a reputation as a dirty player, is No. 3 with 43% disapproval.

7 thoughts on “Michael Vick Remains the NFL’s Most Disliked Player

  1. Wildflower on said:

    I’m sure Michael Vick gives a damn. And the author of this articles says, ” It’s a fair assessment; the guy did kill up a bunch of pit bulls in his backyard.” Well what about all the puppy mill owners and the police officers that are quick to kill your dog for looking at them or those that leave that police officer dog in the car to die. (Yeah Google that, you’d be surprise how many police kill their “partners”) Hell the shelters are putting dogs down daily so get out of here with that shit! Mike in my poll of sexiest NFL players you’re #1 on that list too.

  2. Dr. Moorman on said:

    I am also a member of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of African-Americans! They will never discuss the many horses put to death in thoroughbred industry or animals mistreated in the many zoos in this country.

  3. who cares what a “poll” say. Most polls are full of it. I can take a poll about Michael Vick in another communty and another race of people and he would be viewed as “one of the best”. Michael Vick is still playing and making millions and his jersey is a hot seller which means SOMEBOBY IS LOVING HIM. Now is that is considered “the most disliked”, please dislike me.

  4. the Timekeeper on said:

    Fortunately, None of those people have any Heaven to send anybody to, nor any Hell they can make somebody go. Although by the sound of some of their hatred, many of those same people who dislike him ( by virtue of their own hate) may be on their way to it themselves

    • I agree. Often times, people who hate on folks like VICk never liked him from the start and this is their way of continuing to justify their dislike.

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