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A contract worker at the Campus Elementary school in Grand Rapids, Michigan hired a hit on a 9-year-old student after he said something to her he shouldn’t have.

According to reports, the woman paid two 4th grade students one dollar each to beat up the student she had the interaction with.  There’s no word on what he said to the employee.

The cafeteria worker was later fired after the principal was notified of her actions.

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3 thoughts on “Cafeteria Lady Hires Hit On 4th Grade Student

  1. October 20th is fast approaching and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will be announcing plans for a United Black treasury on this day to buy farms, build factories and make jobs for Black Americans. Yet still no mention from a website that even takes the time to report tabloid gossip. I am starting to wonder if Tom Joyner is not allowed to report this major event in history. Could it be that he is bought and paid for like Tavis Smiley suggested?

    • Absolutely bought JUST LIKE TAVIS SMILEY!!

      Urban Education is being sold down the river, AND HIGH ACHIEVING BLACK CHILDREN IN BALTIMORE CITY, LA, AND WHEREEVER TRANSFORMATION CHARTERS ARE OPENED ON TOP OF A CLOSED SCHOOL…ARE HAVING THEIR GRADES STOLEN, FROM “A’s to C’s,” and “B’s to D’s and F’s.” For years NO One not Tavis or anyone else will address this serious issue.

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