Rapper Plies Fractures Neck

Paramedics were called to rapper Plies’ aid after he fractured his neck wearing a 15 pound (7 Kilo) gold chain. Plies, who is known for his braggadocious bling, fractured his neck in three places in what people were calling a “freak accident.” Plies recently debuted his Trayvon Martin chain that was no where near as heavy and the jewels that injured his neck.

According to the alleged EMT, Plies is a well-spoken man. “I couldn’t believe this was the same guy who wrote Becky; He was polite,” she said.

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One thought on “AM BUZZ: Jay Z Forgets Lyrics; Laura Govan Comes For Draya; ‘L&HH’ Spinoffs & More

  1. Ummm PLEASE do research before posting. Hell not even “research” a simple google search or wiki search could tell you that “Toya” is short for Antonia, not Latoya. Geesh!!!!

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