Halle Berry is the head mommy-in-charge, and this week she has a good reason to celebrate!

According to reports, California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed her anti-paparazzi bill into law, requiring all Hollywood paps to seek permission before photographing celebrity children.

Starting on January 1, 2014, a paparazzo can face up to a year in jail and $10,000-$30,000 fine for harassing the kids of public figures.

Los Angeles Senator Kevin de Leon said the new bill “will give children, no matter who their parent is, protection from harassers who go to extremes to turn a buck.”

“Kids shouldn’t be tabloid fodder nor the target of ongoing harassment,” he added.

Berry, the mother of 5-year-old daughter Nahla and a new bun in the oven, said she “started this fight with a great deal of hope and a bit of uncertainty.”

“I cannot express my immense gratitude that Governor Brown has recognized, and acted to remedy, the plight of children who are tormented because of the identity or prominence of their parents,” she said. “On behalf of my children, it is my hope that this is the beginning of the end for those overly aggressive paparazzi whose outrageous conduct has caused so much trauma and emotional distress.”

In a statement, the actress thanked the other celebrity parents who testified with her before California lawmakers.

“I am forever in awe of the support I got within my community from the enormously talented musician Adele to fellow actor, Jennifer Garner, who traveled with me to Sacramento to share her children’s stories, experience, and her desire to give them a better life,” she said. “I’m grateful to Nia Vardalos and the numerous parents who work as actors, musicians, as well as professionals in medicine, mental health, lawyers, judges, and cops who have experienced their children being harassed, tormented or otherwise put in dangerous situations due to their parent’s profession and therefore lent their support.”

She concluded, “It is for all of us that I rejoice today and hope that this fight will continue and that the proper enforcement of this law will truly make a positive impact on the daily lives of all children.”

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