Comedian Chris Paul gives us his hilarious take on the day’s hottest topics.

Congratulations to Floyd Mayweather, Jr.  Floyd defeated Mexican champion Canelo Alvarez to win another title.  And if you couldn’t afford the pay per view, or if your wife wouldn’t let you order it, then here’s what you missed:

Both Mayweather and Alvarez entered the ring with entourages of about 30 people.  The only difference is Canelo’s people all came in the same car.

Floyd, Jr. was accompanied by Lil Wayne and a young lesbian woman who was later identified as Justin Bieber.

Then he was sitting at ringside wearing a black yellow vest.  He looked like a Moroccan pineapple.

Twenty-three year old Canelo Alvarez looked like he belonged in a Mexican boy band, Juan Direction.

Floyd, Jr.’s father is impossible to understand.  He makes Shannon Sharp sound like Bryant Gumble.

One judge actually scored this fight a tie.  That kind of blind stupidity has no place outside the Republican Party.

The final compubox stat shows Floyd landing 46% of his punches, Alvarez landing 22% of his punches, and R&B singer Tank landed only 18% of the lyrics in the National Anthem.

2 thoughts on “‘Tank Landed Only 18% of the Lyrics in the National Anthem’- MORNING MiNUTE

  1. Only difference is they showed up in one car. HILARIOUS! I don’t suppose floyds crew came in with buckets of chicken did they u racist douchebag? Juan direction, HILARIOUSLY ORIGINAL! oh I forgot u can’t be racist in America if you’re black. Why not throw in some token Asian and white racist jokes while you’re at it. You calling yourself a comedian is about as funny as every brother in the hood calling themself an artist

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