“I want to apologize for my recent attempt at humor that missed the target and hit my people squarely in the heart. To all of you I say, I’m very sorry for my failed attempt at humor surrounding something that’s very sensitive to us: our hair,” Sheryl Underwood stated Wednesday on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show.”

As we all know, Sheryl Underwood is under serious fire for her now infamous comments about natural black hair that she made on the daily CBS gabfest she co-hosts, “The Talk.”  Where ever she meant for her comments to go, they didn’t get there. Where they went were downhill … when she questioned why Heidi Klum, the mother of biracial children, saved clippings of her children’s natural hair.

“Why would you save afro hair?” she asked. “You don’t never see us at the hair place, saying, ‘What I need is this curly, nappy, beady hair.’ That just seems nasty.”

When co-host Sarah Gilbert countered that she has saved her child’s hair clippings, Sheryl said this: “[That’s] probably some beautiful, long, silky stuff.”

That brings us to Sheryl’s very contrite and heartfelt apology which began this story. She told the Steve Harvey audience that she definitely heard from the people:

“You reminded me about the enormous platform that I’m blessed to have and that my words have power, and again, I hear you. I’ve always portrayed myself onstage and on TV and anywhere you see me to be strong enough to take the hit especially when I’m wrong…I was wrong,” she said.

Sheryl says the comment was a huge FAIL as comedy, and she promised to learn from the experience and earn back the trust of her fans.

“I’m grateful for the love that you all have shown me that love enough to pull my coattails and correct me when I’m wrong,” she said. “I made an inappropriate joke and an unfortunate statement that hurt the community that I love and work tirelessly for. I’ve worked over the years to earn your trust and your respect and I’m going to work any harder to get it back,” Sheryl added.

Meanwhile, Project Islamic Hope’s Najee Ali, representing a coalition of activists who demanded an apology from Sheryl, as reported by EURweb, had this response to her apology:

“Our coalition accepts Sheryl Underwood”s apology.  And although I don’t know Sheryl personally. Steve Harvey is my brother and friend. Steve is vouching for Sheryl. I trust and respect his call that Sheryl is sincere. So we’re calling off our Sept 9th protests outside CBS Studio’s in Hollywood where the “The Talk” is taped.

19 thoughts on “Sheryl Underwood Apologizes for ‘Nasty’ Hair Comment

  1. She clearly made Sara Gilbert uncomfortable, but for Aisha to not interject was painful. I missed hearing her so called apology on Steve Harvey. I did see her rant on the Talk and while her demeanor was foolish, and clowning, she meant every word about natural hair being beady bead, nasty, and what nobody wants. She was sitting under a big fake looking wig when she said it. I’m sick of our little girls being the butt of jokes. Her audience was laughing wildly, they love to see blacks put down other blacks.

  2. Serpentine on said:

    My family grew up on that tradition. There were six children in my family and my mom had a baby book for each of us all with hair cuttings. For my brothers, it was a peice of a platt, before they got their hair totally cut, and for my sisters, just a small cutting put in the book. I have two children (grown now), but when they were babies, at least 1 yr old, I cut my son’s hair (platt) and my daughter’s, and put each one in their baby book along with their baby pics, hand and foot prints. Does Ms. Underwood have children? Maybe if she did, she would understand why parents do that.

  3. We were quick as a people to forgive Paula and no one commented on her looks, but we really seem to be putting it to Sheryl. Maybe her apology should have been, “I’s is who I’s is.”.
    Keep it moving.

    • Don’t lump us all together, I haven’t forgiven “Paula” she’s in the same category of idiots as Sheryl. People ESPECIALLY US have to simply watch what we say, so fools like Paula Deen won’t be comfortable repeating it. That’s why white, Asian, latino etc think they’re better than us when we sit and view ourselves as ugly, nasty, etc! Hell everything about my blackness is damn beautiful!!!

    • Dee Gray on said:

      Why keep it moving? She slapped millions of us in the face! (natural, proud sisters like myself, my beautiful natural hair group, & millions more) I’m going to keep it moving in our meetings. She denigrated us on national television, sounded like a first class wannabe, and not tells us to lighten up? I’m not going to lighten up on anything.

    • Dee Gray on said:

      Why keep it moving? She slapped millions of us in the face! (natural, proud sisters like myself, my beautiful natural hair group, & millions more) I’m going to keep it moving in our meetings. She denigrated us on national television, sounded like a first class wannabe, and not tells us to lighten up? I’m not going to lighten up on anything!

  4. Yolanda Penn on said:

    I forgive her….ppl make mistakes…sometimes ppl DONT understand their self hate until someone says something….I understand and this is the only thing in her career that I think that she has done to offend me….I love her apology…..

  5. I’m sorry to make this statement, but Underwood would look like a Satan himself in natural hair. I know it, you know it, and she DAMN sure knows it. There is a reason why she hates beadybees. And although I wear natural hair, I don’t blame her one bit for not wanting to be on tv looking like Wesley Snipe’s baby daddy.

  6. Rhoc Starr on said:

    This was clearly an attempt at humor. It is UNBELIEVABLE that people would organize a protest over something this trivial when we clearly have much bigger problems in our community (pick one)! When Gabby Douglas performed at the Olympics, it was black women who took to Twitter and Facebook to criticize her hair-oh the hypocrisy.

    • Dee Gray on said:

      I’m one who is protesting. Call it unbelievable or not, when an African American person gets on a national stage and calls our hair (her own as well) nasty, I have a major problem with it. If she couldn’t stand the heat maybe she should have kept her big stupid mouth shut! If she thinks that our very special, unique hair is nasty, she needs to keep it to herself. She probably thinks that her dark skin is NASTY too. And the last time I noticed, she’s not exactly a beauty queen.

  7. nobody should accept this apology she said what she felt and any self respecting black person would stop supporting anything that she is a part of.

  8. I’m a Sheryl Underwood fan. She has to be in the top 5 of female comedians over the last 20 years in my opinion. Just about all comedians say stupid things. Heck, ALL people in general tend to say some stupid things from time to time. I don’t ever recall Sheryl saying anything THIS controversal, so her track record doesn’t lead you to believe this could be part of a bigger issue. I agree that the comment was over the top and not necassary. She apologized and it was accepted. Let US move on also.

    • Dee Gray on said:

      I don’t care if she is a comedian. She should keep her stupid stuff to herself, especially the self hatred stuff. (in front of a national audience) Apologized? She did damage control, trust me, if she didn’t get a backlash, she would never have even done the damage control. She’s sorry she got caught, that’s all.

  9. She was not joking! What she said was way beyond the pale of comedy as she insulted not just an adults but children with beautiful black hair features. Sheryl take a look at yourself in the mirror. That kinky hair is the same hair that grows out of your scalp and stays that way until you chemically alter it. Hate is ugly, self hate even uglier. Get a grip Ms. Underwood.

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